How do you know when you REALLY love a bag?

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  1. #1 Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2011
    I'm lame, but I totally crack myself up. :roflmfao: I've been buying bags here and there for about the last six months and I for sure act differently when I'm in love with a bag vs when it is just a crush. Or when maybe I just think I love it but deep down I don't.

    Obvious love:
    Moving in before you get out to the car
    Consider bringing the bag into bed for snuggles :P
    Find myself staring across the room at the table where said bag is sitting
    Stroking the leather while the bag is in my lap at the movie theater

    No love:
    Hold off on cutting tags
    Toss into closet and promptly forget about it
    No urge to snuggle

    Who else does similar things? I'm sure there are some great ones!
  2. Like you if I carry it right away. Also if every time I change bags all I think about it the other bag. I also find if I love the bag I don't change out very much. Carried my Crimson MSB for 2 months straight I never do that.
  3. Cutting the tags as soon as you get in the car is true love!
  4. 1~I know I love a bag when I carry it for a good amount of time~
    2~When I think about the bag more than any other bag~
    3~If I love the bag before I even get it.I know it will be a bag that will be used frequently~
    4~Moving right into it~
    5~Like you, looking at its beauty from across the room~
    6~Last but not least-Wanting to touch it and hold it alot~

    How to tell when the loves not there~
    1~Dont carry the bag anymore~
    2~Rather sell it or give it to a family member~
    3~When I carry another bag all the time~

    I do have a couple of bags that I do not carry!! My very 1st bag, and another bag..I just keep them due to their meaning!!:P

    Thank's~This was an interesting question, but fun..:biggrin:
  5. love:
    i feel sick because i left the outlet without it, and endless stalk all resources for it after.

    find myself procrastinating switching into another bag....just one more day in this one.

    place it on my bedroom dresser so i can see it at night as well as day :smile:
  6. You know, it just makes me smile every time I use it no matter what.

    Tag cutting is does not seem to be a issue with it.

    I bought the Marielle Shimmer on a whim and I have been using it for a week and it just makes me smile.
  7. Definitely the tag cutting....if I ask the SA to cut the tag before I leave and am pathetically digging my junk out of the old bag to stuff the new one in my 120 degree car in the parking lot....yea it's love.:graucho:

    If I find a reason to carry it when I haven't touched a single other bag in months it's love!

    I am not in love when it gathers dust (or the dustbag gathers dust) and I actually give it away usually to my sister or my bag hoarding daughter...yea that means it wasn't for me.

    And the weird part is...sometimes I love the LOOK of a bag, love the texture, color or whatever, love everything about it except carrying it because for whatever reason it's "not me" when I look in the mirror or it just doesn't sit comfy on my body. Now I HATE that!
  8. I totally agree on the stalking part! I hate when I leave a bag at the outlet, can't find it there again and regret it later. I drive myself crazy looking for it!
  9. It's Love When:
    *I keep taking it out of the dust bag to pet it
    *I carry it almost immediately* (*Exception for special occasion-ish bags. I've only carried my Kristin Studded Clutch a few times and still have no regrets for buying her at full price, no PCE or any other discount).
    *I can't say a single "But" about the bag ("I love everything about this bag, BUT I wish the leather was higher quality.")
    *I am immediately reminded of good times I had with the bag whenever I take it back out to carry (Perfume shopping with Anthracite Audrey, my first day at a new job with Black Croc Sophia, going to see Elton John in concert with Mia Maggie)
    *I intentionally stop carrying a bag out of fear of getting "burnt out" (my apologies to Ginger and my Hamptons Flap Carryall- I should have known when to quit you). If I love a bag, it kills me when I carry it for long enough that I don't see anything fabulous about when I pick it up, when it's just something sitting next to my car keys that I have to grab before I leave work.
    * I buy fobs specifically for the bag, and no other bags. If they work on other bags, great, but if they only work on the bag I love, well, that was the point!
    *I ignore the complete lack-of-function of a bag and buy it and keep it and carry it regardless. The Tangle Chain bag from last Fall was a prime example. My ID and a lipstick *barely* fit, but it was so over-the-top, so ridiculous, so *me* that I had to have it. It's beyond not-functional, and I seriously don't care.

    I know it's not love when:
    *I don't even take it out of the shopping bag when I get home.
    *I don't even take it out of the tissue paper inside of the shopping bag before leaving it in the shopping bag when I get home.
    *I immediately begin trying to find something "wrong" with it- the color is just not right, the leather isn't to my standards, I hate how the straps hang, whatever. If I pick a fight with the bag within days of purchase- definitely sign of not feeling the love.
    *I have only a bad memory or bad memories of times with this bag (Kristin Leather Clutch- the one with detachable chain: First (and I believe only) time carrying it was to my grandfather's funeral. My now ex-husband and I had just returned from what would be our last vacation, where he picked fights with me leading up to him breaking my heart. I see my Kristin Leather Clutch and I think of my PopPop's funeral and the f'ed up vacation immediately preceding it)(For the record, I am thinking of modifying the chain on the Kristin Leather Clutch to jazz it up and maybe give it some good memories- I have a lot of faith in little Kristin)
  10. I used to always carry a diaper bag on the weekends, and my nice Coach bags during the week, because I have young kids and my diaper bags had to take a lot of abuse. I knew I really loved a bag when I hated having to put it away for the weekend ... I felt like I missed it, LOL. Now my kids are old enough I take a chance and carry my Coach bags anyway ... not sure what my test will be now.
  11. Thanks for all the responses! I was laughing at myself when I was thinking about the topic so I thought it might be fun to post.

    I thought of another one: I knew I didn't like a bag I had ordered when I rushed home from work, cut open the box, took one look and tossed it right back into the box with a "meh." Said bag was promptly exchanged for a Berry Patent Sophia, which is one I had the SA cut the tags off before I walked out of the store. :biggrin:
  12. Nursie, I love your quote... place it on my bedroom dresser so i can see it at night as well as day :smile:
  13. I agree!!!
  14. for me :
    love -
    when i ignore bf's opinion and buy it against his suggestion :biggrin:
    when i take it out from the dust bag and place it on the bed for days
    when i try to change my daily clothings to use it immediately
    when i have great experience buying it (very important) if the experience is undesirable, i will tend to refund that bag. LOL
    and when i love the functionality of the bag.
    when it has a zipper

    not love :
    finding flaws in the bag
    didnt cut the tag off immediately,
    trying to ask for bf's opinion to see what he thinks
    have a mix feeling towards the bag. sometimes feel like selling it or giving it away. but sometimes feel like keeping it about it.
  15. I want to thank you all for making me feel like I'm not the only one... :flowers: