How do you know when you are pregnant?

  1. Other than the obvious (take a preg. test) how can you tell? I know that the blood preg. test is able to detect pregnancy before the urine one but are there symptoms to look for? What is the soonest you can find out?
  2. I think it depends on the person. Some people get really sensitive in certain areas/senses (like smell)... like certain smells can make you want to throw up... are you expecting? =D
  3. My coworker who has had 3 babies says you should be able to find out in about 2 to 3 weeks.
  4. I have no idea. :P
  5. Is that 2-3 after your missed period or when you are 2-3 weeks along? Is that through a urine test or blood test? lol sorry for all the questions. :shame:
  6. She said 2 to 3 weeks along through a urine test. But she said if it's negative you should try again in a few weeks. She said being tired is a sign.
  7. Thanks! You are so awesome for helping me out. I went to the doctor yesterday and received a negative but the doctor told me to come back in two weeks in order to go through a pregnancy test from a blood sample. I am REALLY not looking forward to having my blood taken as I have never had to go through this before (maybe when I was too young to remember). So I guess I am trying to figure it out on my own. :lol: I just really want to KNOW. :girlsigh:
  8. I think you should just be patient and wait a couple more weeks, if you don't want to take the blood test. My best friend took a pregnancy test for fun (urine) and it came out positive so then she also bought 2 EPT tests to take in front of her BF and took two additional ones at the doctor's (she's a nurse and did the simple dip stick test). All positive. Next thing you know, ob/gyn tells her... twins... :nuts:

    Odd thing is that she took this test right after her period just ended so there really is NO way of knowing forsure w/out taking a test.

    Sorry hun!!!

    But she told me before she took it, she had the strangest food cravings.
  9. Aside from the obvious (missing a monthly), the usual 'symptoms' (LOL) are:

    Feeling more tired than usual
    (Very) sore boobs:shame:
    Sudden dislike or obsessive want of certain foods
    Needing to pee more often
    Metallic taste in the mouth
    Clothes feeling just a pinch tighter than usual

    I had them all!:hysteric: :yahoo:
  10. I have 3 kids. You can find out by taking over the counter test EPT, it works well. It can detect pregnency a week prior to the due date of your period. You may still have cramping like your going to start, you can feel tired, nausious, mood swings etc. It was always like pms to me.
  11. :yes:
    I seem to have most of the symptoms....thats why I was kinda suprised when the test came back negative. :sad:
  12. Every person and each pregnancy is different.

    My only symptom was that I didn't feel "right". I guess you could say I felt like I was coming down with a cold. :shrugs: I tested 4-5 days before my period was due with an EPT. The line was very faint, so I purchased a digital pregnancy test and that confirmed it.

    Throughout my pregnancy I never experienced morning sickness, food aversions, extreme tiredness, sore breasts, etc.. (In my 2nd tri I did get some serious chocolate cake cravings though! ;) )
  13. Then...i would say, if you have had all those symptoms, wait a few more weeks and test again, it may be that the pregnancy hormone is not yet showing up.

    But - tbh, blood tests are a routine part of pregnancy - i hate needles, but you have to have the tests to ensure all is well, so maybe you should take the plunge and go for the blood test and find out sooner rather than later?
    It all depends if you want to wait or not.

    I tested about 2 weeks after my missed period so i was around 5 weeks gone - and i did 2 tests, just to be sure! They were both positive and i had all the symptoms above.

    As stated above^^ every woman is different, some get all the symptoms, some never know they are pregnant until they give birth!:wtf:
  14. Pregnancy tests are accurate 10 days after your first missed period. The over the counter tests are just as sensitive as any you'll get at a doctor's office or hospital. In fact, the ones we use at the hospital where I work are the same as the ones you get over the counter. I had a friend whose test didn't become positive until 6 weeks after conception, so they're not totally accurate (although they almost never yield a false positive, only false negatives). Common symptoms include nausea, moodiness, and darkened nipples. Also, it's not uncommon to have a brown or pink vaginal discharge or slight spotting about 7 days after conception, that's called implantation bleeding, and some women mistake it for a light period. (I hope that wasn't too graphic, sorry.)
    I would wait a few more days, and then take another pregnancy test. Do it first thing in the morning, that's when the bHCG levels in your urine will be at their highest. You also might want to see a doctor, sometimes ovarian cysts can yield symptoms similar to pregnancy.
  15. Kezza you rock! Thank you. I have already been to the doctor once and I have a PAP scheduled for next week just to make sure everything is okay. So I am probably going to take another test on that day. **crosses fingers**