How do you know when LV is discontinuing a bag or color.

  1. Just curious how you know if something is being discontinued?
  2. I usually pry my SA. He could just be telling me that though to get me to buy more! :s
  3. The Purse Forum usually!
  4. Aaaahahahahaha!! Funny 'cause it's true! :roflmfao:
  5. I learn most things from the Purse forum :yahoo:.
  6. I also learn mosts of thing from the Purse forum. Although I often just stare at the photos of some bags and drool (It can't always be educational.) lol. :drool:
  7. It depends.....TPF is probably the BEST resource, but the info here comes from someone IN THE KNOW, usually a very well-informed SA, who isn't afraid of giving out info. If you happen to have a SA like that, Hold onto them !!!! ( and give me their #, lol)
  8. Usually TPF, because we are all over the word with so many SA's and lookbooks it's easier to gather all our info not all SA's know as much as they really should.

    Is there something in particular your curious about?
  9. i have no idea. but thanks to TPF, i'm learning!
  10. I want to know if the red epi is being discontinued or wil it be around a while. seems like these come and go...
  11. I read on this forum that it was being discontinued so I bought it immediately - my first LV. That was in June.