How do you know when DH/SO is converted...

  1. How do you know when DH/SO is converted...into a Hermes Fan?

    If you are a H fan before DH... how do you know he's a H convert? please share..
  2. Let me start... I got a belt for DH, he had been using that very often, except when he wear jeans.

    scene 1:
    I was at H store, DH called, he's nearby, he said he will meet me at the store. He came over, listened to all my gold, cognac, noisette and small accessories talk. And he was commenting that his buckle has scratches already and was looking ike this -->:sad: to the SA.
    And when he found out he can get new leathers to go with the buckle he went like this -->:yahoo: very good idea.. and he want to go plan the colors he want..

    We came home:
    Scene 2:
    Since he had been wearing his fav H belt, all other belts are neglected... and turn mouldy (everything does in 3-4 days over here) and today, I asked him about those green mouldy belts.. I asked him to clean it up and use a wax on them..

    He turned to me and said, "I just cleaned it not too long ago and it still turned mouldy... I am threwing those away..." I looked at him and said, so you sticking to your H belt huh? He grinned and said," Yeah, but need a stiffer leather to wear with jeans". :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Now I know why he did not wear his H belt with jeans, it's boxcalf and clemence leather combo and he said he did not want to stretch it with jeans. :graucho: I am going very good at enabling and educating my DH :roflmfao:

    I am having a very good orange day :love:
  3. Oh he´s just great! A convert for sure!
  4. What a great story, your DH converted for sure!!:woohoo::supacool:

    My DH was converted not by choice, but nagging to check every Hermes boutique when he goes on business trip did the trick :boxing:... last trip, he didnt find anything for me, but he actually placed an order for black croc wallet (he saw one in meil and was in love but he didnt like the color :shocked:)
  5. When he pulled my sleeve, asking me if that was a birkin/kelly/JPG shoulder birkin when a lady with the bag walked past.

    When I sent him the picture via MSN, and he said that's a nice black kelly!
  6. I have had to accept that my DH will never be a convert.....
  7. Me too, Rose.
    The closest my DH has come to being an H convert is that he no longer shows any surprise at H prices or my appreciation for H things.
    Also, he asked his father (picking us up at the airport) to take us to FSH right after we landed in Paris this Christmas so that I could have my one H shopping trip in spite of the plane's significant delay and an otherwise full schedule with their relatives/friends. While there, he charmed the SA by revealing himself as a Frenchman (a fact I sometimes forget myself) and bought me a Kelly. I guess he might never care for H for himself, but at least he has accepted it as something important to me.
  8. My husbands first moment was when he smelled my togo Kelly. I have the worst sence of smell so I couldn't smell anything but he literally put his face inside it and took a deep whiff :shocked: and then said ahhh, that's how leather should be.

    The second moment was when he realised that since I started hanging out here in the Hermes subforum I haven't even looked at other new bags and that he might, despite the Hermes prices, actually save something in the long run :p
  9. I'm with you sister. I cannot ever imagine my dh being an Hermes guy. I'm still waiting for him to buy me something with an H's never happened. LOL.
  10. ^^ Can be a good thing.... my DH thinks that my Birkin and Kelly is the same bag!
  11. HJ,
    My DH is also not converted by choice... try eBay pictures with prices and used H bag on eBay with prices and then vintage H bag on eBay with prices .. that helps - my DH is visual - showing helps ;)

  12. hahaha :yahoo: GREAT JOB Queenie!

    When the LV cerises came out, we were at a mall, I spotted a lady with a cerise speedy, I had to stalk that bag and I left my DH standing outside the supermarket (Giant) :sweatdrop: He totally did not get it. BUT now, he really digs Hermes. So I am happy... :p
  13. I think when DH knows what H means to us, is a sign of change. Remember orange box = wife happy = husband happy
  14. Icechick! :yahoo: :smile:
  15. I don't know if DH is a "convert"....yet.
    He's not a very polished type....BUT
    when we were in St.Trop H, he was very impressed with the service and quality of the people there. He bought a piece of porcelin there that I had asked for and that's been so far, his single foray into H land. He's not one to want stuff like that for himself, so its doubtful he'll convert for himself.