how do you know what your ideal birkin is??

  1. hi all
    silly obsessive question but hopefully in the next few months i will have enough £ to buy my first birkin. question is, what do i get and what size? my current H bags are:
    black box 32 kelly rigide 1962
    rouge box 32 kelly rigide 1964
    gold epsom trim 23cm 1977
    toile and natural herbag
    GAO in sable clemence
    40cm kelly in rouge taurillon
    evelyn in grey clemence
    garden party GM in natural with black trim, bolduc lining.

    i tend to wear neutrals so guess that some off the more offbeat colors like Fuschia and vert anis are not for me, so am thinking about black, gold, vert olive, etoupe or ebene. is gold a bit pale and does it mark easily???trouble is, although i didn;t want another kelly i love the leather in this bag so am wavering a bit!!

    i would appreciate any help or advice you can give - i saw a great Vache liege HAC on eBay a few weeks ago for a great price, and am kicking myself i didn't get it!!
  2. You seem to favor shoulder bags. Are you sure you want a birkin to lug around?
    Of course you want a birkin.
    You seem to favor structured bags. You might not want a togo or clemence as they mou in 35 cm size. Some of the leather experts here could recommend a leather that is stiffer. To mou or not is a basic consideration for me.
    But i've learned this the hard, expensive way. Now it's something I think about first. Good luck!
  3. I also wear lots of neutral colors therefore my first was a black . I have to say, if I do it all over again, I would do it differently. The black and gold are not year round colors (one for the cooler months and the other for warmer times respectively). If this is your first, why not do a color that is year round (olive, etoupe, raisin) are excellent. Also think about your height and weight which will help you decide on the size. I think the 40cm is too big for anyone. Keep in mind the bag is heavy to begin with, the bigger it is the heavier and the more likely you will carry more around... Good luck and enjoy the wait!
  4. I am struggling with this question as well. I'm blonde, and I tend to wear a lot of black (surprise) and camel colors. I am trying to wrestle with the decision between a black Birkin and a gold Birkin. I do NOT think Gold is that pale or easily marked (unless it's a smooth leather), though I do feel that way about etoupe--even though etoupe is stunning, it somehow seems "delicate" in a way that gold doesn't. The other consideration of course is hardware color. For me, personally, palladium is the best choice because almost all of my jewelry is platinum or other white metal.
    I actually do feel that black and gold are both all-year colors, but I guess that depends on your coloring & wardrobe. For instance, my winter coats are all either black or camel, so either color Birkin would work with them (and my gorgeous Brides de Gala cashmere!). In the summer, I tend to wear a lot of black anyway, and even though I kind of agree that a black Birkin is a bit much for daytime in the summer, once the sun goes down, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't/wouldn't carry it. Of course, I might end up throwing all this caution to the wind and just buying Rouge Garance or Vermilion! LOL!

    About the size, I definitely agree that 40cm is too large for just about anyone. I have a vintage 40cm Kelly and I use it as an overnight bag. I have never once carried it as a handbag--it's ginormous! I personally prefer a 30cm Birkin, but I don't really carry around all that much stuff. When it comes time for me to buy my next H bag in the next several months, I will consider both 30cm and 35cm, though. Another consideration if you want to split the difference is a 32cm HAC, which is really an elegant size.

    Good luck with whatever you decide!
  5. I also wear a lot of black but I didn't want to carry another black bag so I bought a brown birkin which I have enjoyed all year round.I have a 35 and it is heavy so I agree that a 40 would be too big for me.
  6. thanks all for your advice and help! it has narrowed things down for me a bit - as i already have a 40cm kelly which i rarely use because it its a bit clunky to carry (even with a shoulder strap) i am moving towards a 30cm birkin - I am 5'3" and approx a UK size 8-10; having seen pics of hkloosterman's gold birkin in action that looked lovely with the black and white dress she had on, also i have a Jardins D'Armenie cashmere shawl which is mainly browns so am graduating towards gold as a colour as a nice complementary colour, still undecided on leather though!!! thanks so much all of you xx
  7. Under the general Hermes subforum there is a thread going on called "You are GOLD! Share your love for the color GOLD" by La Vanguardia. Gold is variable in different leathers.
  8. I think gold with contast white stitching and palladium hardware is a classic and stunning combination for a birkin. It goes well with almost any color of clothing and accessories. If I had a choice of only one birkin, this would be it and it will surely cheer me up each time I carry it around. This combination is actually my very first birkin that came in gold clemence but in a 50cm travel size. I wish it was smaller so that I can carry it around like a tote. Size wise, I prefer the 35cm as an all around bag.
  9. That "Gold" thread really is a godsend for me, as I am trying to narrow down my choice of leather right now as well--I know I'm getting gold, in either a 35cm or a 32cm HAC, and I know I'm getting PHW because I never wear yellow gold.
    I would say just one more thing, though: I have noticed recently that gold tends to *really* vary in color a lot from leather to leather, so really take your time choosing what's right for you in that color. I personally have already ruled out one leather for color, and found out that Gold apparently doesn't come in Chevre (according to my SA, though a few people here believe it does--maybe in other countries?? still not sure about that one). So I'm down to Fjord, Togo, or possibly Clemence now.

    I guess it's all just a process of narrowing things down and deciding what is really most important to you, and what might be missing from your collection.
  10. Several of us are "anyones" who own 40 Birkins and don't think they are too large BTW.
  11. I meant no offense!! I wish I were tall enough for such a big bag; I own a 40cm Kelly and it's just like a suitcase on me because I'm soooooo short. Stumpy, actually. :p I'm sorry if my comment sounded flip. I think I said 'just about anyone', meaning of course there are exceptions.
    I think Naomi Campbell carries a 40cm B and it looks right, and proportional on her. But she's really, really tall. And, you know, a supermodel.
  12. I'm 5'2 and stumpy Cynthia......and I still rock the 40! There is no height requirement to wear a stunning bag like a Birkin don't you think? I have never looked at a woman and thought her bag size did not match her appearance in the right proportion.
  13. I have a serious doubt that you are stumpy! LOL (I like to labor under the idea that everyone here is vastly more glam than I)
    I guess it's one of those things that is just a matter of preference? I don't really load my bags up, so I don't have much need of a 40, and I do feel that it's disproportionate to *me*. But I also feel that a 25 is too small, as is the TPM size of just about any of the smaller bags like Evelynes, Garden Partys, etc.

    At any rate, I think you ROCK for having a bright orange Birkin in the first place--I wish I were brave enough for that--and if that's the 40, that's just more to love!
  14. I found my ideal birkin. On my first visit to an H boutique, there was a birkin in the case. It was perfect for my daughter-in-law, *the family jewel,* as DH calls her. I had tea while they wrapped it. The SA invited me to look at the leather book in the back. I declined, as I felt tired. I left, the nicest SA carrying my bags to the car for me, insisting I come back soon to look at leathers for one for me. Pure Zen.
  15. Pradameinhofgang, when I decide on my birkin purchases, the type of leather (skin) is more important than the colour.

    If I have your collection, and if I were to be in the market for a birkin, I would choose something in chevre. And from the other threads, Hermes is coming up with a new chevre, so you might want to place your order with your store for one soon.

    And since you're always in dark colours, how about Toundra in chevre?