How do you know what the scarfs are called?!

  1. This is the Kelly en Caleche (I love it too!).

    To find the names on the website do the following:

    go to View (bar), click on view source
    go to Edit (bar), click on Find
    type in 'long description'
    this will take you to the name of the scarf etc.
  2. ^ Thank you so much rose!!
    It's so gorgeous!! xx
  3. Great question, Luva Pug and thank you so much, Rose for sharing with us!
    There are times when I find out the name of my scarf from the receipt :shame:
  4. You are very welcome ladies. :heart:
  5. Very beautiful. My SA at NM showed me this scarf last week. She explained to me that it is meant to represent an overabundance of Kelly bags flowing out of the cart.
  6. Thanks for posing the question luvapug! I have often wondered that myself! Rose, I never would have thought to look where you did on the Hermes web site! I must go check out that scarf! It sounds fantastic!!
  7. thanks rose, ur a legend!
  8. Oh, that's a delightful scarf! If that's your dream scarf then you go girl!!!
  9. ^ Thanks Merry! Im just worried that I won't wear it! Lol, i think i will be too scared! I have just checked on the UK site and the one colourway has gone! xx
  10. I also want this scarf.

    There is one on eBay right now in brown.
  11. ^ where, could you post the link for me please xx