How do you know what is available from Coach?

  1. Here's the deal: I got my first PCE card(Yay!). I went to a Coach store looking for a new bag. I wanted something shoulder length in the blue patchwork. I looked at the Ergo etc... and they seemed too short to comfortably wear.

    The Sales Assistant suggested I order a Patchwork duffle(which I did:yes:). I didn't even know that was a possibility. I still don't see it on the Coach website and I even looked on eBay and can't find it.

    I'm fairly new to Coach, so my question is where can I find a complete list of their current product lines that are available?
  2. If you go into the store they have the "red book" that you can look at - all you have to do is ask to see it! :yes:
  3. too!
  4. So this red book you speak of, does it have upcoming styles and such as well? I might just have to ask this Sunday! I want something new!

    So you just say I can I see the red book? LOL
  5. it should be on the counter. it's a big red leather binder.

    yes, it does have upcoming styles, as well as some variations of items that are already out, plus shoes and jewelry.
  6. Sweet! I'll have to remember to look! And so if I order something out of the book I can still get the PCE discount as long as it's already out?
  7. You should be able to. :smile:

    Normally, like bb sai, the binder is on the counter, or in my case I always see them on the little table in the back by the shoes. It's where the hubby chairs are. *L* And recently I saw it on top of the watch and bracelet case.
  8. Haha the hubby chairs. Mini always just goes out of the store somewhere else... Or goes and talks on his cell phoen outside... Humm...He's no help when bag shopping.

    Thanks I am def. going to look at that book. Maybe I can find something I'll love more than the denim stripe tote I planned on getting.
  9. I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in too...thanks!
  10. *L* My bf will either come in with me, or wait outside. But quite often I'll see guys or kids sitting in those chairs, so I started calling them the hubby chairs.
  11. I don't think I've seen a patchwork duffle, even in the department stores. The department stores have a Carly patchwork - maybe that's what she recommended?
  12. I hadn't seen it either in the stores or online - even asked at Macy's last week. She said that the stores were not getting them and they had to order it.

    She said it would be here on Friday. It feels like a 'mystery bag' since I can't find a picture of it. She just had some online print out.

    My receipt though says PTCHWRK MED DUFFLE;Brass/884830204124 10812 B4/IN 1@ 368.00

    Dunno if that can help anyone find a pic of it in the dropdown. I'd love to see it in color:heart:
  13. what dept store have you seen a carly patchwork?? IS it like the new patchwork stuff in denim & gold/browns?
  14. it'll look like this style but in the new patchwork colors:

    this is the ergo one you tried right?