How do you know the datecode is not fake??

  1. Does anybody in here knows how to look out for fake datecode???

    I know the obvious is the 1st and 3rd number is the month and the 2nd and 4th is the year but how about the letters????
  2. The letters indicate the country/state the bag is made. ;)
  3. Date code doesn't mean anything..
    correct date code doesn't mean the item is authentic..

    CA/LO - made in Spain

    SD/FL - made in USA

    TH ( VI, AN, AO, A1, A2, AR, SL, SP, MI, ST) - made in France

    LP - made in Germany

    FA - made in Switzerland
    CE- made in Italy

    I am sure I miss something
  4. ^^^ but how do you know the letters are real too???? cos to me they dun mean anything to me. for example does letter SN stand for anything? i looked at all my vuitton bags and though some were born in france and one was born in spain those made in france all starts with a letter S but the second letter were all different.

    I'm not querying my bags cos they are all from LV boutique but when i look at LV on ebay some have such a good deals but i am always scepitcal of the datecode not being real.
  5. The letter is abbreviation from the factory LV made:

    I don't know all the factories in other countries but I can give you this one


    SD:made in USA factory in San Dimas California..

    You don't have anything to worry about if all your bags are from boutique. Fake bags have correct and valid date code too..

    hope it helps..
  6. ^^^ thanks for ur knowledge.
  7. Yep the only way is to buy from a My Poupette seller - that way if it's a fake, you at least get some protection. I always play it safe and only buy from those sellers. Otherwise, you can also get My Poupette to help authenticate the auction for yoou for $5 a pop...except auction could be over by the time you do that. Just food for thought.
  8. eBay Guides - LOUIS VUITTON Date Code Production Explanation Guide

    The above is a guide from fashionphile about date codes. When looking at auctions I usually look at the date code as a first step in many fakers don't get them right...but there are a lot who don't stop there...make sure to post any items you're thinking of bidding on in the "authenticate this" thread at the top of the forum.
  9. Unfortunately, nowadays datescodes aren't a good way to verify authenticity, many fakers are using correct datecodes that make it even harder to distunguish between an authentic and a fake.:flowers:
  10. It is better to look at the datecode font, than just the datecode.
  11. I agree tura....but sometimes just the datecode is a good starting point. Helps to eliminate ALOT of them right off :smile: