How do you know if you're buying it just because it's on sale?

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  1. Sometimes I think the excitement of seeing a CL marked down, or spotting a really good deal on ebay makes a shoe seem more attractive. How can you tell if you're thinking straight and really love the shoe?
  2. I think if you liked it before it went on sale, it's okay. To me, that means either you really loved it and were hoping it went on sale, or you said, "I like it, but not enough to pay $xx for it; I'll buy it if it goes on sale." I don't know, I guess it's hard to tell, but if you never even considered it before you saw it on sale, you probably shouldn't buy it. I think I've actually been pretty good about predicting which of the things I like will go on sale or not, so for the most part, I don't buy just because it's on sale. Buying b/c it's HTF, however, is another story...
  3. If it's something you'll pay full retail for. If it was something on your mind before you saw a deal on it. If you won't compromise on size/color/material. i.e. the Lady Gres was on sale in pewter, bordeaux and fuschia leather and blue and yellow satin, but I did not buy it just because it was on sale. I held off because it wasn't my #1, 2 or three (purple satin, fuschia suede, purple suede) in my list of preferences.
  4. It's definitely hard to tell. The ones I got on sale are styles that I liked but for which I had no strong preference in terms of color and material. For my most recent pair, I knew I liked pigalles, but I didn't have a strong preference for what color they came in. Of course, I'd love to have them in a lovely grease color, but I'd sooner have a pair of ronrons in grease or my favorite color suede. So I just bit on a great deal on my magenta patent pigalles.

    For lady gres, on the other hand... I know I absolutely want it in the plum/bordeaux suede color! And I would not buy it in another color even if there was a pretty good deal on ebay.
  5. thehehe . . . i use the patented piggy strategy of never looking at the price until i've decided i want the shoe (i.e., when it's already too late . . . ) :whistle:
  6. only a couple of mine were bought on sale.. and i probably wouldn't have bought them if they weren't on sale, just because i didn't think the before price was worth it.. but that doesn't mean i love them any less! i never buy anything unless i really like it though
  7. Ooo they just had a big sale here @ DJs in Sydney and I resisted ... there were a lot of styles on sale that I hadn't considered before and it was tempting. But I just thought, well, the money I would spend on that, I should put away so that when the times comes that the TDF pair comes along that I really MUST have, I can have it. It takes a cool head to take a deep breath and STEP AWAY FROM THE SHOES lol!
  8. I walked away from shoes that were an amazing price during the Saks sale. Like I said in the other thread, I tried on five pairs of shoes during that sale, of which two were CL. All five fit. I walked away owning three new pairs of shoes. None were CL. I only bought the ones that I really loved.
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    The only time I would ever buy a pair of shoes exclusively because of a sale is to flip them on ebay. Otherwise a sale is usually me calculating that I can get them cheaper. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But, life goes on and I'll always find a pair to love. I'd much rather pay full price for KILLER, than on sale for "So-So".

    I keep a list and don't budge from it for anything over $200.00

    Purple - Peep-toe
    Olive - Closed-toe & Peep-toe
    Red - Slide/Sandal & Closed-toe
    Metallic - Any
    Pink - Closed-toe
    Cobalt Blue - Closed-toe
    Navy - Any
  10. LOL :tup:
  11. I've already referenced my story about the Bling Blings that I bought despite a self-imposed mini-ban yesterday. I drooled over them when they came out but wouldn't pay the over $1k price tag (saving that for the Jaws!). However, when I bought them for like 75% off...well, that's another story...

    Sales are amazing and a few pairs I have I wouldn't have bought otherwise (i.e. my pair of patent Pigalle 120s). I love my Pigalles to death but the minimal walking that I have to do in them makes wearing them anywhere a matter of strategy and planning. :yes:
  12. For the most part I agree with most of the posts, I usually know which shoes I want and will get them if they go on sale. The Gattacas I just purchased I wanted but did not want to spend $800+ on, because I had just purchased 2 pair of suede in December. However, when they were on sale for $175. I scooped them up. You have to have will power or else you will buy shoes that you don't really want or need, JUST because they are on sale (that was usually what I did). My new year's resolution was to only purchase CLs that I absolutely had to have, whether they are on sale or not. So far, in the first weeks of 2009 I have stuck to that....we shall see about Feb, March.....
  13. I only buy stuff on sale so it's really hard to tell.