How do you know if you LV is fake???

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  1. I just bought a LV purse from a friend of mine... But the guy she buys them from sells them pretty cheap and another friend of mine said it could possibly be fake..So how can you tell if you LV is fake? Cause now i'm curious, so i don't do knock off designer handbags.
  2. well. theres the easy way, and the hard way.
    the hard way is to take it to an lv boutique and have them authenticate it for you.
    the easy way is to research it online.
    on the forum, we arent supposed to tell you how to spot fake bags...
    so if you post pics in the "authenticate this" thread, we will tell you whether it is real or not...
  3. Fake.
  4. lol I agree:idea:
  5. Generally speaking, anyone who's buying them from some guy is buying fakes. But post the bag in the authenticate this thread, and there are great people here who will be able to tell you about your bag.
  6. You can never 100% sure esp when buying from someone other than LV. Sorry to say but it sounds like a fake.
  7. If it's cheap and not used, it's FAKE!
  8. There are tons of ways to tell if the bag is fake, coloring, stitching and size. Although there are some fake bags that look kind of real, they always miss something.
  9. judging by experience, there is no "perfect" fake. there is always flaw in fake bag. it's very easy to tell just touching the fake bag... the leather straps feel different.. look at the stitches, see if they're all intact. check the interior.. look at the font size of the LV tag, check the date code, etc...
  10. Welcome to tPF...if you want to know whether its authentic or not, just post the picture of your bag in "authenticate this LV" thread. They will help you to authenticate it.

    We cant tell you exactly how to spot a fake
  11. post pics, but mostly fake.
  12. Hi and welcome to the PF! :welcome:

    For future reference, please post all authenticity questions in the "Authenticate This Louis Vuitton" sticky under the "Louis Vuitton Shopping" section. Thanks!
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