How do you know if it's solid 18K? David Yurman ring question...

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I recently purchased a David Yurman ring for myself (the link is below). Would you be able to tell me if 18K gold that the stone is set in is solid 18K gold? Or is it plated? The ring in the picture is not the exact version I have as the area where the diamonds are set in is also yellow gold on mine (it seems that the pics show it as white even though the description says yellow?). I know that if it's gold-plated, it will rub off eventually and become silver-ish. I really hope this is not the case as I love, love, love :heart: the yellow gold setting all around citrine and diamonds.

    So, is there a way to tell if it's solid 18K gold or simply gold-plated without it being mentioned in the description?

    Thank you very much! :yes:
  2. I don't think that a brand like David Yurman would use gold plating since that's usually only with inexpensive jewelry.
    I believe that if it's stamped 18K or 750, then it has to be solid gold and not just plated.
  3. ^^^ Thank you very much! I just checked and I see two stamps (other than DY) - 925 and 750. So, I guess it's solid gold? :wlae:

    What made me doubt that it was solid gold was reading about how some sellers on Ebay claim that certain pieces are solid 18K when they're gold-plated. I didn't buy this on Ebay but then I wasn't sure how to tell the difference. I'm still learning about DY jewelry. :shame:

    Thank you for your post! I appreciate it!
  4. Does anyone know if I could go to DY boutique and ask them to clean / polish the ring since I bought it used? Any idea how much it would be?

  5. Yes, you can definitely take your ring to be cleaned and polished at any David Yurman boutique or any retail store that sells Yurman free of charge. It doesn't matter where your Yurman ring was purchased... You can also have it sent back to David Yurman free of charge and they will make the ring entirely like new when you get it back! Sending the ring to Yurman can several weeks to get back to you though.
  6. this looks like a combination of sterling silver (925) and 18 carat gold (750)
  7. The setting is likely the gold, and the body of the ring silver.
  8. If Yurman states 18k gold, then it's not plated, it's 18k yellow or white gold and you'll see either a 18k or 750 stamp. If it's 14k, then you'll see that stamp or 585. Yurman never 'plates' but they do 'bond' which is a different process. You'll see the annotation of 18k bonded and the associated metal stamp looks like '1/4 750'. If you're ever in doubt about an item, the Yurman website has a 'contact us' phone number to their customer service department and they're very helpful.
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