How do you know if a turnlock is broken?

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  1. I just a new legacy shoulder bag, so I just wanted to make sure the turnlocks are good on it. :smile:
  2. If it works, it's good. If it's not loose and it turns good, keeps the flap down...etc etc
    Do you think you might have one that's not exactly what it's suppose to be?
  3. What Bethann said! :yes:
  4. The turnlock starts to get loose, then ultimately falls off. Coach knows about this and I was able to exchange my whiskey legacy flap bag for a new one on the spot (fortunately they still have this in whiskey).
  5. It seems to work fine, but when I turn it, I can hear a noise like a spring or something. Other than that, it works good. I am just paranoid about it since it costs so much. :smile: What do you think?
  6. its just the sound of metal.. i noticed most fo the legacy bags make that sound when u turn the turnlock
  7. Thanks for the info. That makes me feel better. :smile:
  8. Mine does not become loose. It came off totally!