how do you know if a particular style is right for you???

  1. ok... after buying and reselling 3 Cities and 4 Firsts, I can't find myself really loving them enough to actually keep them for a long period of time as compared to my beloved Box and Work (and for this week Twiggy). So I am watching a City and First for auction right now.... but is this out of habit??? Am I just trying to make a style work for me, that just doesn't work for me???:confused1:

    TIA :heart:
  2. You're not alone. I have owned several cities (one in the coveted Ink color) and I just can't make them work for me. I feel like something's wrong with me too. I know that people love the City style, and Balenciaga says it's their most popular style, but it just doesn't work for me. I'm down to just one, which I may return. Just wanted to answer you 'cuz it looked like no one had yet. :yes:
  3. I agree... Sometimes I go for styles because I feel like I "should" try them, or they were the first styles I was exposed to... (First & City)

    Then, there are styles I NEVER would have tried, if the circumstances were different, but I ended up loving them, as they were perfect for me!! :yes: Case in point, I got a Mini Bowling in Blueberry, and the only reason I got the mini-b was because it was in a color I desperately wanted and felt like I needed to jump at it!

    After I received the bag, not only did I :heart: the color - but the style works out perfectly for me too!!
  4. I do that, too! I have decided variety is the key. I currently have first, twiggy, city, work and matelasse styles. I would say my favorites are the twiggy and matelasse. I am a satchel/hand held girl. That being said, I will never sell certain bags that I feel are classics (griege city, black city w/gh, silver first) even if I don't carry them alot. I would miss them too much if they were gone! Other bags come and go. I won't be buying any more first or work styles, and a city would have to be a great deal/color for me to buy it.
  5. I think it is hard to find the perfect style. Sometimes it takes a while of tweaking to do it. I bought a box first and just couldn't fall in love with it so I sold it. I love the city but it takes getting used to the way if always falls over. My last bag was a shoulder bag that didn't fall over every time I put it down and it had nicely divided compartments, which I miss.

    I bought a purse which I haven't tried yet. I can't wait to see how that style works for me.
  6. I had the first style first, and I liked it, but it wasn't big enough so i've sold both of the ones I had. I then had a twiggy, and have since fallen in love with this style, now having six plus another on its way. I've a box and again love this style with another on its way.

    I bought a city, as a result of most tpfers favouring this style, but sold it almost immediately as it did nothing for me.

    I've seen the mini bowling IRL, and it didn't suit me, nor did the flat messenger.

    I think you just know when you come across the right one. Fortunately they retain their value, so you don't lose out if you want to sell on if they're not for you.
  7. I lucked out, I bought the City for my first bbag and it is my favorite style!
    It just WORKS for me :p

    I like the Twiggy OK too and although I like the shape of the First, it is just too darn small ... the Purse style did NOT look good on me tho ...
    I have never purchased any other styles as I don't normally carry shoulder bags - Hobo, Courier
    but I haven't ruled out a Work yet ... :graucho:
  8. I have tried the City several times but finally realise that it just doesn't work for me - I don't know why? Maybe too rectangular :shrugs:

    The Day doesn't work on me and the Brief isn't great either :crybaby:

    I tend to stick with the First now beacuse I love that style to bits :heart: And I still have a Box and a Purse in my collection which are both great styles for me. Twiggy works too although I don't have one.........yet :graucho:
  9. U are not the only person, I always love the first style and after knowing that i need a bigger bag, i go for city style then work style....after having a few firsts, i saw some of them and look out for other styles and even lookin at twiggy style and WE style....the reasons why i change my mind so fast as I tends to use first if i do not want to carry too much things. If go work, then i will use my city or work style. As for WE, it is normally for travel purpose now.....i jus can't get enough to keep changin the styles that i want...i never actually think carefully which style shld i want or whether if first styles will be jus the one that i's never ending....:smile:
  10. I thought I was alone in this, but I guess I'm not. I tried the City too and couldn't get used to it. The First is my favorite.
    I've also tried the Box and I think that's not going to work out either
  11. Yes, I can relate to your dilema. Currently I only have firsts, but I want to get a larger bag in a neutral color that I can use more regularly than my firsts. However, I really don't like the City that much, which makes me feel like something is wrong with me :crybaby: because it is the most popular style and everyone's Cities on this forum look so fabulous.

    I am really leaning toward the Day or the Twiggy as my next "larger" bag.

    I think you need to first think about what you intend to use the bag for, how much stuff you carry, and if you prefer over the shoulder styles to hand held styles. But like Fred & Ginger said, they do retain their value, so you can always try a few differnt things and if they don't work out sell them.
  12. If you sold the cities and firsts, you didn't like them, so I definitely wouldn't bid on a city. JMHO.
  13. I have cities and I used to like how it looked on me until the WORK came along...I discovered that WORK bag complements my body frame more. I am 5'5" and slim.:smile:

    Twiggy looks good carried too. Love how the tassles are soo long and flowing with this style.

    City is kinda boxy and not long enough horizontally:confused1:

  14. exactly! I was the only person who thought that the city looks like a square. Okay, I am glad i'm not the only one. thanks so much girls. I'm happy know now i'm not the only one who had style dilemmas.
  15. You guys! I'm debating between city and work since I know the First will be way too small for me (I'm 5'4" medium build). I want something I can use for work, shopping, and just dinner with family. I don't usually carry much - just the usual: cellphone, wallet, small Marc Jacobs cosmetic pouch, and sometimes, my son's Nintendo DS). I like to carry the bag on my shoulder at times when I have to chase after my 6 yr old. Help!