How do you know a handbag is/was "Runway"?

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  1. I see some items advertised on E-bay as Runway or Prosrum. What exactly does that mean and are those bags sold only at Burberry boutiques or also Nordstrom and other retailers? Do they ever make their way to the outlets? I saw a Newfield handbag at an outlet store that was originally $2300+. Does the higher price indicate that it might have been Prosrum? Would it say that somewhere on it?
  2. it should say it on the tag if it has the original tags on it
    Prosrum a black tag
    London and Brit trench tags

    most runway bags are the prosrum bags
    hope that helps a little
  3. I didn't know that. I will look for that on the tags. Do they only make a few of those bags?
  4. well Prosrum they do but i know the House chk was a runway bag 2 years ago and its still around but any prosrum are just for the season and very rarely carry over