How do you kept updated with the incoming new styles?

  1. As for myself, I ask BG to send me the lookbook through email. Since I don't have Chanel boutique nor NM nor Saks nor Nordies nor Bloomies close to me, the only other info resource is here at TPF. But sometimes I found when I fell in love with TPFer's new bags, many others were ahead of me already on the waiting list. Do those department store also send out electronic lookbooks to you or you just stop by to check out new styles? Do your SAs usually give you info on new bags before trunk shows? TIA!

    I feel jealous when I see NM will have another trunk show this month:crybaby:which I can not go~

    My 500th post, soly dedicated to Chanel:yahoo:
  2. Congrats on your 500th post!!! Yippy!!!

    Well for your topic I keep up with the styles on TPF ... I don't really have a Chanel boutique, NM, BG or Saks near me either. Well they are about 20mins away. But it's really hard to find parking and I hate the MTA. So I just await for other TPFers to come back with pics and details. :tup:
  3. Can you get Chanel to send you a lookbook?? If so that would be great! But I somehow doubt that it's possible...oh well. I just use tPF to update me. I find the women here know way more than the SAs in the boutiques hehe.
  4. I have a great SA he puts me ont he lists of what he thinks ill like and gets me all the newest bestest things, honestly I rarely ever look at the lookbooks he calls me and i pick up the goods, lol
  5. poosdarling - 20mins is so close. Sorry about the parking. Here I can find parking space much easier, but they are all 2hrs away:crybaby:

    Glamazon Huntress - I don't think Chanel actually send out lookbook. Saks don't neither, as far as I know. My SA always told me to come in look at the book, but I need to really have enough courage to make a trip ^^ I am such a lazy person and I hate driving longer than half an hour!

    Lo - You are soo lucky to have him! Wish he's mine too. LOL~
  6. LOL ... I know it's close ... But I'm probably the laziest person ever. I would only go to a Mcdonalds with a drive thru which is a extra 30mins from the one that doesn't have a drive through.
  7. think TPF is the best place to be updated. tpf'ers here know more than the SA in most cases anyway.
  8. Poosdarling, you are soo funny:roflmfao:
  9. TPF is the best place for me.
  10. i dont have any of the stores you guys are talking about in my state. the closest for me is atlanta. 4 hours away.
  11. tPF is the best place to know what is really going on. I have found out that many of the SAs at the dept stores (note: I did NOT say Chanel boutique) don't know as much as we do!
  12. PF is how I stay updated!
  13. yah.. the closest i have is abt 45 mins away but I don't buy there cos of the high sales tax (almost 9%!!). I buy from the neighbouring state which is Sales Tax-free but that is 3hrs drive away.... :crybaby:

    Thus, TPF is my best update!
  14. Definitely tpf! We've only got one Chanel boutique here and VERY limited stock! I love tpf, but its also doing me damages:graucho:
  15. tpf is the only way i know anything about chanel... without it i would be clueless.