How do you keep your speedy when it not in use?

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  1. Because the speedy is relly soft..

    I was wondering how does everybody keep the speedy in shape when you don't use it???

    And I saw someone sellsspeedy-shaped pillow on ebay.

    Is it necessary to use the pillow or something else you can do for your speedy when not in use??

  2. I just purchased that speedy-shaped pillow on eBay about a week ago. She is a fast shipper. I'm very pleased with it. There's an older thread in here where people discussed it. I think the consensus was that it was expensive and others just used tissue or other pillow forms from craft stores. My opinion was different -- the bag costs $600 plus -- so buying a pillow especially made for it while in storage is worth it! I'm very happy with mine -- it really stuffs it!
  3. I dont own a speedy but I know alot of people use old tshirts in theirs :yes:
  4. I like to put a towel, or maybe some dryer pads.
  5. i fold up a piece of stiff cardboard and do a makeshift skeleton for the speedy. it's perfect and doesn't add extra weight to it when i store it.
  6. I stuff it with some tissue and store it in its dustbag in my closet. Pretty basic!
  7. I use 2 small pillows I got at Ikea that fit perfect. My other bags I just stuff with old white t-shirts.
  8. i use those air-filled bags used for shipping!
  9. Pillows. Although the special shaped pillow sounds interesting.
  10. Forgot to ask...where are these pillows available, o and price please!

  11. Me too!!! They work really well!
  12. I do that too .. and if i didnt have any I would just blow up a plastic bag while it is in the speedy and tie it :yes:
  13. I use old but clean t-shirts rolled up to stuff my Speedies. Also, those air pillows that are used for packing boxes for fragile items also work well.
  14. Im going to have to try those air bags. Seems like everyone rates them.
  15. yes they seem to work well, but i think there are much cheaper options that work JUST as well. its totally up to you..! i think old tshirts are the best though !