How do you keep your heels looking nice in summer

Apr 6, 2008
Ahwatukee AZ
We recently moved to Phoenix where people pretty much wear flip flops year round. For some reason it is wreaking havoc on the heels of my feet. I pumice, moisturize, etc on a daily basis and it's not helping that much. At the end of every day it looks like I haven't done my heels in months. Does anyone know of a good product to protect your feet from the elements? Thanks. I love this forum BTW. There's so many interesting threads.


Aug 26, 2007
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I had the same problem. I think its just flip flops. When I started to wear regular sandals, I realized that I dont have that problem of 'hardened heels".

so you should probably switch to real sandals.


Mar 19, 2006
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No matter how much lotion you put on them, it won't make a difference unless you get the dead stuff off. I use the Swedish Clover board and slater on Vaseline and socks. Takes time and you need to do it nearly every evening. I run, so my heels are horrible.


Dec 27, 2005
Coconut oil or lotion and socks at night. A pedicure once a week is great, I do my own since I think a lot of places do lack being clean enough for me. I also soak my feet in my pedicure hot spa 2-3 times a week and do a quick foot scrub followed with a good cream. It may not be the flip flops but walking barefoot on rugs and floors. Maybe try cute slippers or socks inside the house for a week and see if you notice a difference.


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I have exactly the same problem and I have to admit that it started after I started to wear flip-flops all year round as well...UGH :sad:

I think i'm going to try that Ped Egg, if that doesn't work i'm getting a pedi and try to take better care of my heels...


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Aug 20, 2007
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Start with a really good pedicure. Then apply Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream once a week. Apply before bedtime and sleep with socks on. My heels usually look really dry in the winter because I do not get pedicures done that often (I do my own in the winter), but the Burt's Bees cream is really thick and smells awesome-- my heels look 100% nicer since I've been using it.


Jun 18, 2007
During sandal season I use a pumice stone on my heels every day and Vaseline cream with shea butter.


Mar 30, 2008
Oh I also scrub my feet with brown sugar at least once a week. After put lotion on them and then a plastic bag and then socks. It keeps the lotion from being absorbed by your socks.


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Nov 13, 2006
California, USA
I'm from California, and people here love love love to wear flip flops all the time. I used to wear them everyday, but they also wreaked havoc on my heels too! I always slather on lotion on my feet after I take a shower and put on socks. They make my feet baby soft and super smooth. But wearing flip flops every single day will still dry out your heels no matter what.

As a result, I've stopped wearing flip flops everyday. I wear them occasionally during the summer, but I wear ballet flats, heels, sandals, and other types of shoes now. Five years later, now I hate wearing flip flops. I guess I've just become accustomed to NOT wearing flip flops now.

Also for the past 8-9 years, right after I take a shower I apply lotion and then put on socks. I swear by my handbag obsession, I have the softest, smoothest, most glowing feet ever! :P A couple weeks ago, my mom was peeling the dry skin off her feet and complaining that it hurt and she wished her heels weren't so dry. So I showed her my heels, and she exclaimed, "Wow, it's like touching a baby's butt!" :lol: