how do you keep your charms from chipping

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  1. I'm new to collecting charms i was in LA on vacation bought a few that where on sale wore them for 1 day and 2 chipped 1 was the pink bust the other the polar bear his little black nose chipped off :sad: but i was able to exchange them once i got back home what i wanna know is how can i stop this from happening again i wont wear them on the braclet again I'm going to get the starter necklace and hopefully they wont knock each other as much
    heres my collection
  2. I wear mine on the charm catcher, or on a chain one at a time, and I've never had any chipping of the paint, so you might try that. On the charm catcher I can put about 3-5 charms and they don't seem to hit each other enough to cause any damage. Also on the bracelet, maybe just wear one charm at a time? Or space them out so they can't hit each other?

    I believe the pink bust is prone to chipping, I haven't heard anything re: the panda. Another thing to watch for is the tiny crystals falling out, I have lost a couple of those, but it's not very noticeable.

    Cute collection of charms!