How do you keep your beloved BV?

  1. Ladies and gents, it's rather obvious we are BV lovers and bag addicts here :graucho:. Naturally we would have more than a handful of bags :nuts: How do you then keep your precious purses when not in use? Dp you keep them in their sleeper/dust bags before stacking them in the closet? Or do you hang them up with hooks? Would love to hear everyone's ways of storage.
  2. Presently I keep my purses in their sleepers/dust bags and stack them at the top compartment of my wardrobe. I know it's really not the best way as those stacked on top would weigh down those below. It's still bearable for now as the compartment is large enough to hold my collection without having to stack them too much. Btw, I love the wonderful leather smell that whiffs out whenever I open the closet door. :tup:

    My dream would be to have a floor to ceiling wooden shelf (with pigeon hole-like compartments) and attached ladder. All within my spacious walk-in robe (ensuite). One can dream. :girlsigh:
  3. My bags have their own wardrobe ;) My SO customised the inside for me so that each bag has it's own pigeon hole :heart: It's in my dressing room (well spare bedroom that I use as my dressing room :graucho:).

    Like you Ms Piggy, I get that leather smell everytime I open the doors - it's just lovely isn't it :love:
  4. I keep mine in their dusters at the bottom shelf of my bedroom armoire. Those that are in constant use hang on hooks on the wall, along with some hats and scarves.
  5. i keep them in their dusters; stuffed to keep the shape and prevent wrinkles. i put that in a bottega bag with the picture of the bag that is inside. this way they are easily identified when i want to change bags.
  6. I have very little closet space, which may actually keep me from buying too many bags.

    I keep each one in their duster.
  7. Stuffed with tissue paper to keep the shape and in their sleepers on shelves in the closet.
  8. i am absolutely fanatic about keeping everything in their original dustbag, tags, in the box even. but for me, part of the love is the ritual of tucking them back into their homes and pampering them a bit.

    by the way, how do you care for your bags? do you put any protective lotion or anything on the leather?
  9. I have a bag closet with glass doors and I keep my bags in there without their dustbags to make it easier to pick one for the day and I just love looking at them.
  10. My God! My poor dear bags! I knew I was bad at looking after them, but didn't realise everybody else was so attentive.

    I have two very large shelves in my wardrobe and they either stand next to each other if I'm good or get stacked on top of each other if I'm in a rush. (I try to put the heavier ones at the bottom, but can't always manage). My evening bags always go in the dusters though. Admittedly I have collected way too many over the years and the ones I do not use regularly (old Gucci, LV, Fendi etc) go in a suitcase and are stored away. I should probably eBay them.
    Tanya, you inspire me to go for a glass cabinet. This makes me want to jump on a plane, rush home and reorganise!
  11. naturally in their duster or box - fanatic about that. also cant put anything on top of them - each has to have 'space' kwim? at the moment i am living in 3 rooms in my parents' house (ehm ehm, I think in that respect they will be mighty glad when this &*(£^ PhD is over - cause they get their space back...) and one of these is my 'walk-in' closet.... so they are all spread out on a club chair. I guess hubby will have fun fixing a closet for me once we follow him.
  12. Those of you familiar with SF and bay area, despite our premium cost of living, space is insufficient!! I :love: my little house, but the one thing I sorely lack is closet space! Therefore, my handbags are strewn in many different areas around the house - most in the front entrance chest, some in my miniscule walk-in closet, and the rest in the office/den....but all in their respective dust bags!!

    I will own a ginormous dressing room one day!! ;)
  13. right now they are in their dust bags on the top shelf of the closet, I hope when we move we'll have better spacing (or design some) for both shoes and bags for his and my collections :graucho:
  14. I keep mine in their dustbags on separate shelves depending on the colour so I can get them out really easily. They are stacked but heavy items go on their own shelf. My fiancee is so kind that if I have left them out he puts them away for me and puts them in their "pyjamas and puts them to bed". Ok TMI. Sorry!!!!:wtf:
  15. Awww, that's sweet. He's def a keeper :tup: All the best for the wedding prep. So exciting, yeah. :smile: