How do you keep your bags?

Sep 22, 2022
I have quite a few bags now, so I would like to keep them organized.
I don't have humidity issuesm I just keep them inside their dustbags in my wardrobe under my shirts, and I would just like to know how you guys keep them and if you have any tips based on your expierience.
Recently I bought a big Prada bag which is also very light but it's gigantic, it's in "corda"... a kind of canvas that can be fold. Its dustbag is huge and I don't know if I should just fold the bag and keep it in a smaller place..
I also have a Fendi Monster Tote which is quite stiff and I'm afraid it might lose its shape.


Mar 16, 2022
I also have a closet with shelves, so I put them on designated purse shelves inside their dust bags and stuffed with tissue paper if I can. I would love to have them out and on display in a protective cabinet, but I don't have room for that right now. I've been watching videos on purse organization/closet display but I haven't found anything I really like or works better for me than what I have now.