how do you keep the handles(other leather parts) clean???

  1. I´ve noticed that some of u use that shining monkey for cleaning your bags, but here in Mx I dont have the chance to buy it, and I noticed that y Deauville and wapity are really really dirty, most the wapity in the inside part of the strap. and unfortunately monogram canvas doesn´t come with care booklet, and i´m afraid about trying someting that could ruin the leather so I need you help
  2. I bought my speedy PERFO in fuschia a month ago and the handles were a bit dirty (I could see the handles turning a light shade of grey) i decided to clean them. I used baby wipes... not realizing that LEATHER CANNOT BE CLEANED WITH WATER!!!! (or the likes of it) .... the only good thing is that i tried it on a little area on the handle... and didnt wipe BOTH handles.. but STILL, it is HEARTBREAKING to see that mark on my handle! a mark that is like a stain that doesn't go off! For anyone who has a speedy PERFO,,, or anyone whose handle is the pale, lighter shade type.. please PLEASE teach me how to clean the handles in the future and even better, HOW TO GET RID OF THE STAIN I MADE FROM USING BABY WIPES TO CLEAN IT! =(

    I've included some pictures so that y'all can see how bad the stain is...(well in my opinion it IS pretty bad..but i guess the picture doesn't do justice to how it is in real life >_<)

    Thank you in advance for anyone who gives me a solution.. or even any extra helpful advices!!!

    P.S.) If this topic is already covered previously i apologize for repeating the question. I'm a newbie here and i couldn't find this topic in this forum .. but if this question hasn't been asked before, great :smile:
  3. once the bag starts to patina you wont even notice it.
  4. ^^ I agree, dont worry too much.
  5. i do think baby wipes are better to use for cleaningin darker vachetta (those with patina)not a month old should have tried white eraser.I used it with my few mons old bag.It helped removed dirt(with light strokes)anyway let it dry first the baby wipes must be too wet.
  6. According to the LV SA, there is no way to clean a vachetta except with a white eraser (and the eraser has to be clean or the dark stuff from the eraser will transfer over). It will not be as obvious when it darkens. I also use Coach leather Conditioner (just the conditioner - he said the Coach cleaner is too strong) to clean and condition. It's what was recommended to me by my LV SA. Hope it helps.
  7. Yah, you shouldn't clean or treat the leather. I mean, you can but shouldn't. You could always have the handles replaced if it bothers you.
  8. Once the baby wipes dries it shouldn't be noticeable...some ladies have done this on newer patina.
    It freaked me out when I first used baby wipes...but after 3 hours or so everything was back to normal.

    On brand new patina dirt, etc. stands out so much more....but as it patinas it will blend in.
  9. It is barely are the only one who sees it because no one is going to stare at the handles...listen to the seasoned LV people because they no vachette and if they say once it get the patina it will not be noticable then I would believe them. Mine is one day old and I see a little mark but, it is no big deal. Enjoy your bag it is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. i wonder how y'all take care of your bags... i don't bring my fuschia perfo out that much cuz i feel like its such a delicate bag.. i don't put much stuff in it... i don't put it down on the table (i put it on my lap)... i try not to touch the handle too much and when using it i don't touch other stuff so that my hands won't be dirty and transfer it to the bag.. it is definitely not a bag i'm bringing with me for some good ol shopping! maybe i'm better off without the bag ... cuz its such a waste to admire it at home ...just cuz i don't want it to get dirty and exposed to all the dust and pollution. Ok, am i the only crazy one in here? LOL
  11. I was the same way until I bought a used bag with patina....and fell in love. Now I want all my bags to have the darker patina. Really...the dirt does blend in!
  12. My speedy is developing a nice patina. It is just amazing how spots and discolorations fade when the patina develops.
  13. be patient and wait for it to patina. if it bothers you too much, get the handles changed.
  14. My Keepall 50's handles are so dirty :yucky: I've resolved to carry it by the strap from now on... but is there any way to get them clean again?
  15. Hi there,

    Many people here (including myself) have had great success with baby wipes. If you do a quick search of "baby wipes" you'll find a bunch of threads...including one started by me that documented the whole process.