How do you keep the fresh leather smell?

  1. Call me crazy but I really love the smell of a brand new handbag!
    I was wondering if you ladies have any tips on how to maintain this lovely smell..I have placed one jumbo in its original packaging (box and all) and the other just in a dust bag both with stuffing..however, the one standing with the dust bag, which is 4 mths old (vs. 1mth old in the box) seem to have lost it's original leather smell....
    Is there anything I can do to make it smell *new* again?
    Does the leather smell completely disappear over time?
    Sorry if this is so silly - I'd appreciate any tips though...TIA :smile:
  2. It's not a silly question but that new leather smell will disappear over time, there to my knowledge is really nothing you can do other then keeping it in a totally air tight container which would mean you could never use the bag you could ask your SA if there is a new spay you could use to keep the "new smell" but even that has draw backs. I say enjoy the bag save up so you can get another new bag with the new smell.
  3. Not crazy at all. I know exactly what you mean about the smell of the leather! Unfortunately, the only way I've found to preserve it is to keep it stored, forever in its dustbag and box and take it out only to admire it on occasion (I have one such prisoner, a m/l lambskin flap, it's so beautiful that I can't bring myself to carry it). However, I do think that storing the bags in their boxes helps a lot, for whatever reason. I would try putting the 4 month-old bag back in the box for a while to see if some of the "new leather" scent can be restored.
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    "prisoner" lmao, you are too funny!! :roflmfao:
    the girls are right..if u keep it airtight or just keep it in the box it wont have the chance to air out
  5. Thanks for the tip! However, I think you're right about the smell disappearing after a while...I can't see how it will linger with use...just seem strange without the smell :sad:

  6. That's leather though, If you have ever gotten a brand new car before you will notice the new car smell but several month's and a few thousand miles down the road the new car smell is now just a every day smell sort of like you bag.
  7. True enough about the new car smell, flyboy; thinking about though, my saddle and various bridles all have that distinctive "leather" smell, and that's after years of use. And they're not even Hermes--just good old Miller's harness Co.