How do you keep kitchen drawers organized?

  1. I feel like all of my kitchen drawers get so sloppy even though I have organizers in them. The problem is that all of the drawers are wide, so there is extra space where things just get thrown. Has anyone found a system that works to keep everything in sight, but organized?
  2. Not yet. Lol.
  3. You can buy all kinds of drawer organizers from Bed Bath & Beyond, IKEA, etc., to keep yourself organized.
    I have cutlery holders for the forks, spoons, etc., and for the other stuff, I bought these cool mesh silver trays to hold the large spoons, ladles, etc., from Target.
    Good luck!
  4. I've found that the Container Store has the most flexible storage options for kitchen drawers and everywhere else in the house. You can customize drawer inserts to maximize the use of the drawers. Check it out:
  5. I have the same problem as you. I have a great silverware tray that is a double decker one that slides that I bought at a yard sale for $1! That is my most organized drawer. The rest have organizers- the long ones that link and I try to divide by what I use at what place in the kitchen. It is still messy.
  6. only my utensils are organized. I saw the "great american inventor" contestant had a good idea for organizing foil, plasitic wrap- the brothers did not win but surely I thought some company would be smart enough to buy the idea from them.
  7. I have several metal mesh containers for silverware which I can arrange any way I need to, plus a couple of larger divided single units for serving utensils and small gadgets.

    I actually picked up a few of the larger divided units for my master bath as they are great inside my vanity drawers to keep lotions, toothpaste, nail files, etc all super organized too!
  8. I wish I had a system. In all my life I have never been able to keep the kitchen drawers, bathroom cupboards or linen closet organized.

    On a similar note, what do you use as kitchen drawer liners?
  9. What EXACTLY is the point of drawer liners? I used to do it because we lived in apts that were skanky, but in the last two homes, I put up shelf liners (plastic ribbed ones), but I'm not even sure why I do that, but DH wanted me to.

    I mean. They don't keep ANYTHING clean and if something spills, it almost SURELY gets under the liner if it's a big spill. For utensil drawers I see no purpose whatsoever. It just makes it harder, imo, to clean out the crumbs. And either I'm the sloppiest person in the kitchen EVER or crumbs in utensil drawers is a never ending battle. Of course, every one of my drawers has plastic utensil holders minus the spice drawer and tea drawer and the tea drawer has other dividers.

    Please clue me in or is it a holdover thing we do from days gone by for some reason?
  10. ^^I never understood the drawer liner thing either, but my mom used to do it to all of her kitchen cabinets. I guess I do it b/c she did it.
  11. I don't get it either. All my shelves have them and it's a pain in the butt because of them to clean them. DH says, "no you just take out the liners and then the shelf is clean - no climbing up in the cupboard to clean that too. Um...again, maybe it's just me, but I spill half the crumbs while trying to REMOVE the darn liner!!!! Ugh! We don't line our china cabinets? So, why the kitchen cabinets? I DO sort of get it with food stuff as honey can spill and such, but in places we keep plates? Pots and pans? it's beyond me!
  12. I don't know the purpose either... my mom and grandma do it, but I don't get it. I had my kitchen re-done last February and when my new cabinets were installed, my mom wanted me to go buy shelf paper. I was like, for what? They are new cabinets. If the wood gets dusty, dirty, whatever, I'll wipe it out or use some furniture polish if it gets dry.

    I do however, use a rubber like cheese cloth thing under my sink that I put the cleaning products on. A lot of the bottoms leave rust rings- like the bottoms of dishwasher tab containers as they get old. I've got no water problem at all, it just happens. Really odd.
  13. We have new cabinets too and DH insisted on putting them in the upper cabinets. I refused to do the lower cabinets as they are for things like rubbermaid storage containers adn pots and pans. What a waste of money though and it takes a LONG TIME to measure and cut those things.

    My MIL takes them out and puts in new semi sticky liner YEARLY... but then, she also takes EVERYTHING out of her closets twice yearly just to dust the shelves and vacuum (not to reorganize, as they don't get messy). I told her she has too much time on her hands! LOL
  14. I'm currently renting and I use liners. I don't want my dinnerware to be in contact with the apartment. Even if I get my own home I would still use liners because it seems to cause less damage / scratches to the cabinets. I haven't had a major spill in my life so I can't say, but bottles containing oil are a pain in the butt. Maybe it's just me, but no matter how hard I try, the outside of the bottle is always at least a little greasy. I'm afraid the grease would soak into the cabinet. Sticky bottles are another thing - what if the paint gets removed when you try to take out a stuck bottle?
  15. Agreed that food storage things it's a good idea. I have one cupboard which is just dry goods though and there's no point (thought it has a shelf liner), but I do get the liners for the oils and vinegars and honey, etc.

    But, food is not the only thing you store in cupboards - mugs, plates, etc. And, most homes don't have painted cabinets, but a wood laminate shelf or a plywood shelf. Really, replacing those at Home depot is about as cheap as higher end shelf lining paper!