how do you keep everything in your HH Nico? (any chameleon+nico owners?)

  1. i know there have prob been plenty of posts about stuff getting lost in this HUGE bag. i plan to carry it to class, so id have a notebook/small folder along with everyday items. i also have a small chameleon, but even that gets lost in it. should i get a sturdy large one? would that do well with the nico?
    the side pockets just arent strong enough for me to put a cell phone or ipod in and feel safe. any help welcome! thanks
  2. I just put all of my stuff in it but I put my keys in one of the outside pockets.
  3. I use a large extra-sturdy chameleon in mine. It fits with plenty of room for notebooks (or a laptop). I just take out the chameleon's side inserts so it conforms to the hobo shape. I still leave my cell phone in the outside pockets though, since by the time I locate it and reach into that black hole I'd have missed the call!
  4. oh that sounds perfect for me..think ill get the chameleon. thanks!
  5. I'm sad to say the Nico is definitely a purchase I regret. I hate the thing. The leather's gorgeous, but I can't stand hobos where everything gets lost, and this is super-hobo. I've carried it once for 5 minutes and have spent the last few months trying to figure out how to get rid of it!
  6. ^^ :smile: I use it to take my kids to the movies! I have alot of kids and they unfortunately think it is "dinner and a movie" time (snacks, popcorn, drinks, handiwipes and tons of napkins)....honestly you would not believe what you can stuff into that bag. This way I feel I am getting use out of it!