How do you keep cookies crunchy?

  1. So I bought a tin of cookies from World Market. They are like super thin ginger snaps. The tin contains 2lbs of cookies (about 180 cookies). My family and I are not going to be able to eat them that fast so any ideas how to keep them fresh and crunchy?

    Thank you!
  2. put it in the fridge! :smile:
  3. Air tight. I think my grandma used to say it's the air that makes them soft.
  4. Really?!
  5. Yes air tight is recommended, but any ideas how to create an air tight seal?
  6. there are these glass jars with a rubber ring around the cover and opening of the jar and they close with this wire lever ....

    apparently they are suppose to be air tight....

    if not, just pop them in theoven for a few minutes before you eat them and they get crunchy again.. i know it's an extra step of pain but sometimes worth it! =)
  7. I know the jars you're talking about, I'll check it out. Yes reheating in the oven will make them crunchy again, bit of a pain but at least I won't have to throw them away, thanks!
  8. To create an airtight seal in a ziploc bag, submerge in water (leave the top open and out of the water, then zip shut - will be a similar result to vacuum packing. Seriously, your cookies will last ages!
  9. hmm, interesting tip. must try that!