How do you keep clear gloss...clear in the tube?

  1. Ok burning question of the day from moi. I just bought a tube of Smashbox gloss in crystal clear—how is one able to keep it that way? You know once you apply the applicator over your lipstick, it brings in whatever color you're wearing back into the tube with it. I hate that!! What's your workaround? :confused1: Do I have to put it on before anything else?
  2. Maybe just use a separate applicator and them dispose of it, or you could clean the applicator before you put it back into the tube. There's really no way around it if you put it over lipstick other than that.

    If you put the gloss on first, the lipstick may not stay on as well, but there is no harm in trying it to see how it looks.

    A little bit of color ending up in clear gloss happens, but it won't hurt the lip gloss and it will still look clear on your lips. If that doesn't bother you much, just wipe the excess lipstick off the applicator with a tissue.
  3. I'd just put it on my finger from the applicator and apply.
  4. ^^Good idea, too! That's probably much easier. Just make sure to clean your hands first during flu season lol.
  5. Why not try finding a long-wear liquid lipstick like rouge intensite by Chanel? I put that on for color and then layer a clearer lipgloss over and it doesn't really come off on the applicator.
  6. I never even thought about this before.;)
  7. How about using a gloss with a different delivery system? Lancome Juicy Tubes comes to mind. You squirt out the gloss so nothing goes back into the tube. Gloss with an applicator or brush goes back into the container after application and your lipstick goes back in with it.

    Or a gloss pot that you apply with your finger or a clean brush?

    Just a thought.
  8. ah thank you gals for your ideas :smile:
  9. I normally buy cheap clear lip glosses, and each lipstick or gloss has it's own clear tube. Does that make sense?

    I always apply clear over my orgasm lip gloss (too frosty otherwise) and so it has it's own clear tube of gloss. There is a Nars lipstick that I like gloss with so that one has it's on clear gloss tube as well. So this way it doesn't matter if the color transfers because I only use that tube of clear with it's own lipstick.

    I hope I explained this right. lol.
  10. I don't really put lip gloss on top of lipstick, I'm an either this or that kind of girl, but I've noticed how my mom's lip glosses always turn red on the inside. lol. but like someone said, that doesn't happen to her Juicy Tubes, though, so if you like them that could be an option :flowers:
  11. I buy 2 gloss tubes. That way, I use one over lipstick and the other with natural lips. The colour from the lipstick won't really affect how the clear gloss goes on, but it looks kinda nasty lol.
  12. I just squeeze some out on the tip of my finger and apply.
  13. Oh! I know what you mean, squeeze tubes are good! I say put the gloss on your finger, then onto lips.
  14. I just quickly rinse the lip gloss applicator in the sink and wipe it with a tissue. But using a squeeze tube sounds like a much better idea.
  15. ^ :yes: Thats what I do!