How do you keep a workout room smelling good?

  1. I just bought a Smooth Treadmill and put it in my sitting room. I don't know if I imagining it or what but I feel after three days the room already smells like a gym. I've worked out only twice in there.

    If you have a treadmill or other exercise machine in your home, what do you use to clean it and do you spray the room with anything special?

    I hope this is my imagination, I would hate for people to come to my home and smell weird smells.

    Please advise.
  2. Febreeze may help the situation. We have two dogs....
  3. I spray the curtains with Febreeze fabric spray and I use their air spray every day. Having two dogs it really helps to keep everything smelling fresh. You may also want to invest in an ionic air purifier. We have one in our family room and master bedroom and it really helps.
  4. Thanks so much, I'll get some right away. It can't hurt.
  5. lots of febreeze and wipe down the part of the machine that you might get sweat on after a heavy workout.
  6. I've had great luck with OUST. It seems to neutralize the air and not perfume it too much. I used it once when my 8 year old son made bacon and didn't turn on the overhead fan. And it worked. Anything that can take out bacon smell is worth trying.
  7. my mom has this weird thing in our workout room.. its a smell machine i call it.. it automatically releases really nice smelly stuff every 30 mins or something and its hidden up in the top corner of the room.
  8. We keep REALLY smelly candles in the gym - we never light them, and the room always smells fresh.
  9. Burn incense for a good while in there.
  10. Great ideas, thanks so much for the advice