How do you keep a down comforter evenly distributed inside a duvet cover?

  1. This is driving me crazy ... my down comforter bunches up and now it's only stuffed inside one half of the duvet cover. How do I keep it from bunching up so that it stays evenly distributed throughout the inside of the entire cover?

    If it matters, I'm using a Calvin Klein duvet cover -- they seem to be a bit oversized -- in a king size.
  2. I have used very small safety pins in each corner to keep it from moving.
  3. Mine just seems to stay. I fluff it and it is fine.
  4. i hear ya on this...getting the comforter to be distributed equally on all sides can be a ***** i usually have a partner to do it with gets the job done keep it from bunching up, maybe you can use safety pins to hold it down or something?
  5. It is silky so it kind of slides in place. Now, putting it back in the cover is a job unto itself. I will actually fold it in half and put it in like a pillow case and I am literally in the duvet cover to get it to the ends.

  6. :roflmfao::roflmfao:
  7. I just shake it out once in a while.
  8. Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens n Things sell these little plastic clips that you can use in each corner to hold the comforter in place. They work pretty well.
  9. I use safety pins as well and it stays perfectly in place.
  10. Shake it out everyday when you make your bed
  11. I also use pins to keep the duvet in place at all times:smile:
  12. Ooh thanks for the ideas, I will have to try safety pins or ask about the plastic clips. Mine always wanders around and ends up over on DHs side, and it drives me totally crazy!
  13. Years ago I used a duvet cover and to get the comforter back in after washing I had to crawl in to the slit of the duvet cover to get the comforter in place. What a pain! I didn't have problems with it shifting though between washings. I got tired of the whole 'putting it in place' thing though, and quit using duvet covers. Now I just have my comforter laying on my bed in all its glory! I've found down comforters in colors, but never found one with pretty embroidery or print on its shell. I'd love to have one with delicate embroidery and a hint of pastels in the design, and I don't understand why such a thing isn't out on the market (unless I'm just missing it).