How do you justify it?

  1. How do you justify paying $$$ for a bag?

    I always talk my self out of buying a Coach (until my birthday this year). I guess it comes from years of pinching pennies. I just think "well there's other bags that hold up nicely for a fraction of the cost". Plus I'm not one to carry a bag longer than a few months (I was worse lol).

    Sometimes I tell myself "well you don't ever spend money on yourself and this is your thing (like my husband is big into hunting) so you deserve to spend the money on it".

    I'm silly I know. I get buyer's remorse very easily.

    Just curious if I'm the only one LOL.
  2. its hard for me to hand over the money
  3. I probably have the same mentality as you. While i love and adore all the pricier bags I can't justify the price. If I had a lot of disposable income I would buy $400-700 bags in a heartbeat. But at this time I can barely afford a $200 bag.

    However a friend said "I could never justify paying so much for a bag just for the name." I told her it wasn't about the name, it was about the quality of the bag, and that this is the only brand that I never get sick of.
  4. well...I just recently (Dec. 19) got my first Coach bag. I am a 29 non-married, non-boyfriend having, single mom and how I justify my purchase one else is going to buy it for me so I will might as well just buy it for myself! :yes: lol. I've got my eyes set on a carley and the pink heritage tote next! No justification needed! :whistle:
  5. Whenever I feel the need to justify my Coach purchase, I just go take a look at the LV/Hermes forum here. :p
  6. I don't buy expensive jeans, clothing, shoes, etc. so I don't feel guilty that I spend more on bags. Dh and I have an agreement about how many bags I can have in my collection and how I get the money to buy new ones. This is my splurge in life so I don't worry about justifying it. I'm responsible in every other area of my life! LOL!
  7. I just tell myself that I've earned it! I carried a backpack for nearly 13 years while in school, and never had more than a target bag. While in grad school, my mom purchased a very nice Nine West bag with matching wallet for me, and I nearly died when I saw the price.....

    Okay, then I graduated, and decided - why not? I've worked very hard to get where I am and feel I've earned the privilege of carrying good quality bags. DH agrees, and he and I have agreements on what the other can be a bit nutty about. For me, it's handbags and shoes. Him - truck accessories, baseball cards and hats, and concerts.

    Much like tlloveshim, I don't spend a lot on clothes. I usually buy clothes at outlet/sale racks, use coupons for nearly everything, have no car payment, and currently have the means. Should any of this change (like I need to get a new car), then sure, the spending will halt as the disposable income will be directed toward that. But until then.......I'm shopping!

    I have to say, even with bags, I'm a bargain shopper. Most of my bags are purchased during PCE (again, coupon), at the outlet, or eBay. Rarely will I pay full price. I've also started selling off older bags that I've "fallen out of love with" or are just not used as often on eBay to fund new ones.
  8. Sometimes you find that just right thing and nothing else will do . . .

    Life is short?

    I may never see this again . . .

    I guess I don't justify . . .
  9. I don't feel the need to justify my purchases. I work very hard and deserve
    to spend some of my money on myself. When a special bag comes along that
    I can't live without I just purchase it because I have earned it.
  10. Not married, no kids, work really hard, pay all my living expenses and student loands on time, barely party in comparison to my college days...don't I deserve SOMETHING just for me?

    And that something is handbags : )

    I agree with the Sex and the City saying "That sometimes it's hard to walk in a single woman's shoes and sometimes we need a special pair to make the walk more fun". Well I need a special bag to make the walk more fun lol. And when I get married someday I will probably need a special bag to deal with my husband lol.

    And I am also for the work hard, play hard theory. I do everything I am supposed to and have the money so it's my business how I spend it. Other people may drive a beyond expensive car, well I chose to have a pretty reasonable priced car. Every spends money in their own way.
  11. As long as my husband is alright with it, that is all that matters to me. He pays the bills. I do not really splurge on anything else for myself.
  12. I had a hard time paying so much at first too, but then I thought about what terrible luck I have had with less expensive purses ~ strap and zipper breaking, lining tearing out.

    Plus, my dh was happy to buy it for me.
  13. I work hard for what I have.
    My car, my home, the food on the table, our clothes...DH and I definitely put each other first...and when there is money left over after all that and the bills are paid...well I might just pop over to the outlet.

    and that's the key...I rarely pay retail for Coach. That's how I justify it. I have no qualms getting my Coach fix via eBay/Outlets/PCE...
  14. mama, I think we were separated at birth!

    It's hard for me sometimes b/c I feel guilty. Not that we're struggling by any means, but I'm not used to spending money on myself. It's always either been getting clothes and fun stuff for my little girls of hubby's hunting habit (now that's definitely one addiction that is WAY more expensive than my little Coach addiction!). Although just like Dewey I rarely pay retail - in fact I only did on my first bag ($200 Scribble Tote). My collection has a retail of $5,021 yet I've only spent $2,683. (Yeah, I work in insurance so I actually keep a spreadsheet of all my purchases including model number, date purchased, retail vs. actual cost...NERD!!!)
  15. This is an easy one for me. A while back my DH and I started a system where the bulk of our paychecks goes into a Family account where we pay bills out of. A small amount, an allowance I suppose, goes into individual accounts for each of us. This is just play money for both of us. So, when he wants to buy $650 GPS fish finder for his boat, he can pay for it out of his allowance. Same goes for me when I go and spend $150 on keyfobs at the Outlet Store. That way there is no guilt for me when I want to blow all my money on something I would never spend Family money on. Plus DH and I never argue about what each other buy because we both have the same allowance to spend any way we want to spend.