How do you justify buying LV?

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  1. As far as justification, well, we all know we can go to a local department store and pay $49.95 for a bag. However, eventually we'll get tired of carrying that bag...but what's the alternative? A more expensive one? Sure, but why? So we carry that department store bag forever even though it doesn't match, we don't like it, and it's probably starting to fall apart.

    With an LV (I'd advise a Neverfull, not a Speedy), you will love it. You'll love the design, the fact that it carries anything, how it still looks new after years (with the Damier Ebene), AND, when it's time to get a new bag, you'll get a huge return on the old one.

    You will enjoy the Neverfull more, get more use out of it, and it will give you joy. The Speedy...maybe you'll get tired of the hand-held, maybe it won't fit everything, maybe, maybe, maybe. Get the Neverfull.
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  2. My husband and I chose not to have kids so we could enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle and remain debt free. When I see how much my friends spend on their kids (everyday costs + college funds), I know that we would not be able to splurge the way we do now if we had children.
  3. Thanks, everyone. So many different and interesting perspectives and pieces of advice to consider.

    Buying the bag won't mean we can't put dinner on the table, or not pay our bills. I doubt my husband would be feeling like this - he wouldn't even be worrying about this like I am. I am in Australia so the Speedy is $1520 AUD.

    I LOVE the speedy. I actually thought I wanted the Neverfull for a while...but then realised it was only because I was a Mum, and thought I needed that kind of bag. In reality I have some good quality mid-range bags from Mimco and Oroton (Oroton is sort of like the Coach of Australia) which will serve as baby bags.

    I intend to use the Speedy atm as a bag that I take out and about when it's just me. So dinner/lumch with friends, shopping etc. I don't have an issue with the hand held nature of it. I guess I just wasn't sure whether I'd regret not getting the B...I prefer the look of the regular Speedy.

    I love being a Mum, sure they'd be a lot more money and opportunity for career development (my SIL has been teaching the same amount as me and is already an assistant principal earning 2.5 times my wage)...but I wouldn't change my life.

    I think the points everyone has made about LV Speedy being for the middle class, and enjoying life's luxuries are true.

    I will keep everyone updated :smile:
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  4. Also just to complicate things. I kind of love the look of the Alma.

    Hear me out...

    I'm obviously going to see how I feel with both when I go into LV.


    I have an everyday bag which I like that I use for work and errands...but I often find I overload it and then I get sore shoulders. I wonder whether the Alma would be a better fit for my life. I could use it to fit wallet (I have Clemence), phone, lipsticks, keys etc. (I'm often just carrying my wallet, phone and keys around which drives me mad, as I use a backpack for my son now he is older).

    I also like how the Alma bb has the strap, isn't super large and is a bit dressier.

    In a dream world I'd have them both.

    Am I mad for considering the Alma over the Speedy for my first bag?
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  5. I really u derstand what you are saying and where you are coming from. Buy the bag and enjoy it. This one time purchase is “a pause” and probably well deserved. You will be happy you did! I have the Speedy DE 35 (before the price increase) and I absolutely love it. And “no” I wouldn’t change that decision ever.
  6. You may eventually want to get both! I find that trying it on in store does not always tell me if I will like it or not. Unfortunately there have been a couple that I had to wear longer term before I found out it wasn't for me. The Speedy 25 (not B) was my first LV and the first one that told me I do not like handheld only option. I got it before there was a B version. I had it for a couple months then sold it. Now I have the Speedy B 25 and love it because I can wear it three ways. I found out that I prefer my LV bags to be more versatile and that is one way how I justify the cost to myself (I can afford them, but still want to justify the higher cost lol).

    I have a Noe BB that I adore, but never liked the strap it came with so sold the strap and bought two other straps. Now I love the bag so much more as I have three ways to wear it as well. :smile:

    I bought the Neverfull and sold it, not once, but twice. I guess I forgot why I sold it the first time lol. It took twice to remind me I don't like a big open bag without a zipper! The second time was because I fell for the light pink interior when that was first introduced, but even that could not get me to fall in love with it. I prefer my Longchamp bags if I need a tote for now.
  7. I'm a teacher too! I bought my first piece, a speedy 25 when I finished my masters degree. After that, I purchased a second bag for myself after I survived my first year of teaching hahahaa.
    I will only purchase something if I have the funds to do so, already in the bank, whether its from a tax return or working an after school program etc. I used to purchase a decent amount but now that my husband and I purchased a house, it seems there always other things to spend money on besides handbags haha.
    If you have the money set aside for it, and you and hubby have agreed, then don't feel guilty about it make your purchase and enjoy the bag, you've earned it!
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  8. Hola fellow teachers! OT but I just scheduled my Principal Cert Exam, once completed, I will be seeking a principalship! I’m excited!!!

    My motto in all aspects of my life is work hard, play harder!!! My sole justifications used for purchasing a designer bag are as follows: Do I want it? Can I afford it? Life is too short to live with unfulfilled wants and regrets. As long as you aren’t robbing Peter to pay Paul, or living off ramen to buy LV, go for it!!! IMO you will regret not treating yourself and what’s the fun in that?
  9. Relatively speaking, LV bags aren’t that exorbitant in cost, so buying one needs little justification. This question may be more appropriately directed to Hermès buyers!
  10. Also I am lucky in that we travel to Europe every year and the savings on LV (and other brands) is nice. I always use this trip as a good excuse to purchase LV. I bought two brand new LV for the price of one (more or less) last month and all my bags are made in France ( just my preference) win-win -win!
  11. I don't think there is a real answer to justify it. It's an optional luxury purchase. But, we are all on TPF obviously because we enjoy collecting and using designer handbags.

    I have to be selective about which exact handbag styles will work for my budget and lifestyle as a SAHM. And I hate saying this dumb cliche, but you only live once so get what you enjoy and try not to feel guilty about it in the process. It's hard work being a mom and having a separate job as well so I think it's ok to splurge and reward yourself once in awhile too!
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  12. I'm not sure how helpful I'm going to be because I'm only 24 years and have no kids.. BUT my first designer bag was the Alma BB and a year later my 2nd designer bag was the Speedy B 30!

    I no longer own my Speedy B 30, but I still have my Alma BB. With that being said, I had two Speedy B 30's at one point, in Monogram and the Damier Ebene as well. I recently sold both because even though I loved them, I didn't reach for them as much as my other bags.

    I much prefer the Alma BB for several reason.
    1. being that I don't see as many people with it as I do with the Speedy bags
    2. I like that it can be carried crossbody (I know the Speedy B has a crossbody strap too but for crossbody the 30 size is just too big for my frame)
    3. It's a lot easier to find your things inside the Alma than the Speedy 30 too. I could never find what I was looking for because it was like a big black hole but when using a purse organizer, I didn't like the big bulky shape that it got with the organizer inside.
    4. The Alma BB does fit quite a bit of things considering the mini size. It carries all my essentials nicely if everything is put to the right spot.
    5. I find the Alma BB to be incredibly durable. I've had it for over 3 years now and wore it the first year literally every single day and it looks brand new, it doesn't have a single scratch on the canvas or leather, the only part that has a bit of wear is the hardware but so did my Speedy bags. I put my Alma through a lot, I've honestly scratched it on stone walls, I've thrown it on the ground, it's been rolling around our car and for that it's in amazing condition.
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    Like my predecessors - I'd look into spend like coffees, facials, nails, going out, non-prime designer items: bags, clothes like HM, Zara, Primark etc. (if you're a person who buys these in bulk like I used to), things that don't cost much per item and do the numbers.
    I realised I held an Hermes bag in tonnes of badly tailored clothes I felt like buying every month because it wasn't a problem to my wallet. Prioritise. Pick what really counts for you (i can live without my nails done but appreciate others can't) and figure whether you've already accumulated equals to LV or Chanel. And then buy LV and enjoy. It's worth it.
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  14. It’s a luxury purchase I justify the same way I justify all of my luxury purchases- my flavored coffee, going out to eat, going to a movie or buying Blu-ray’s or games- because I want to and I would enjoy it. It’s ok to do nice things for yourself and there is no reason to feel anxious or guilty about it. The way I do it personally is I don’t spend extra on a luxury purchase, I will avoid my typical day to day luxuries for a while and save the funds for the larger purchase. My entertainment or fun money expenditure doesn’t change so I don’t feel like I am splurging or doing something excessive. I’m spending the same amount, just differently and it works perfectly within my budget because it’s the same deduction. Often we spend a ton in small increments and don’t realize how much it adds up to.
  15. It sounds like you are a very financially responsible person and that it would be a well thought out and budgeted for purchase.
    Why not think in terms of cost per use? If it costs $1520 and you use it 100 times, that's around $15 per use, and I'm pretty sure you would use it more than that.
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