How do you justify buying LV?

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  1. Hi all (me again),

    So my tax return is filed and processed and now I am just waiting for it to miraculously appear in my account (no...I'm not checking every half hour), and so my optimistic self is hoping that it is in my account by the weekend - ready for a HUGE shopping spree (which I seriously need, because I have a 17 month old, and I haven't spluged on myself in a BIG way since...well who knows when).

    So I am toying (seriously toying) with buying my first bag - most likely the Speedy 30. Mostly likely in DE (cos' I'm a bit of a messy B) and not the Speedy B (because I'm already feeling guilty).

    So as per my thread title, how do you justify it? How do you bite the bullet (pardon the cliche), and actually commit to buying your first piece? I know I could commit to an SLG easily (again, I can save for these easily).

    Background. I work part-time, my husband works full time (but I make more). We have agreed to spend our tax this year on whatever we he isn't judging me for what I buy and vice versa. However, I also need new shoes, undergarments, clothes etc as well.

    I know that if I don't get the bag this year it will likely be years before I can afford it again (we are planning a second child, and I don't intend to work full time - I'm a high school teacher - until my children are in Kindergarten).

    I'd just love to hear from others and how you feel about it, particularly if you're middle class like me haha. I guess I'm just wanting to know if the constant back and forth scenario I have in my mind is normal before this sort of purchase? Especially when you know you could do something to fix up the house etc.

    p.s. I know I'll use it a lot. I know I'll treasure it. I've wanted a designer bag since as long as I can remember and I know re-sale is always pretty good + those pesky price increases.
  2. For my first LV I justified it by realizing I spent a good amount buying Coach. So why not take that same amount and buy something nice that I would absolutely love and on the plus side a good resale value. My husband talked me into selling almost all of my Coach to fund a totally pm. Best decision I ever made. I do not feel the urge to buy the newest bag every other month like I did before. I have a bag that I love and makes me feel special when I carry it. It is now my most used bag even though I now have a few LV pieces.
  3. As I don't have the same responsibilities that you do, I can't really speak to that aspect of your question. But I don't justify buying LV or any other designers because there is no real justification. It's a matter of do I want it, will I use it, can I afford it.

    I may be interpreting it wrong, but do you prefer the Speedy B to the Speedy but just feel bad about spending the additional cost? If so, and you decide to get a bag, I think you should get the Speedy B. Not only is it more versatile in my opinion, but if you get the second best option to what you want to save money, you might regret it.

    Best of luck with your choice!
  4. First step is to make sure you can afford it. Splurging is great- but so much better when you are financially sound. I would have never spent the money on LV until I had other accounts built up, which is why I didnt purchase LV until I was 40.

    That being said I spent little amounts on Coach, Kate Spade etc before LV that could of added up to a LV . so if you overall are not a big shopper than that's one way to justify your first purchase.

    But know this- once you start it could become addictive!! I now have 14 pieces and would have never thought I would own that many when I bought my first. You've been warned.
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  5. This is hard and I totally understand where you are coming from. I’m a SAHM and my husband works FT. I feel guilt buying an expensive handbag because there are other things we could be spending that money on, but in the end there will ALWAYS be something else you can spend the money on. A new car, new cabinets, saving for college tuition, saving for retirement. Even if you do all of this, you can still put more towards that college fund, etc. If this will make
    You happy and you can handle it financially then go ahead and splurge on yourself. If purchasing this bag will hinder your ability to meet the essential needs of you and your family, of course it’s not the right time and you will always have an opportunity in the future. As someone else said, I recommend paying the extra and get a speedy b. Your usage will be so much greater since you have a kiddo. I hope you can get the bag and put aside the guilt ❤️.
  6. If you are not having to skip bills/food for the family to purchase a bag than go for it. If you still have that much guilt maybe set the money aside and leave it for a bit before you spend or purschase the bag and don’t use it for a few days and see if you feel the need to return it. It is okay to do things for you, life is too short to spend so much time working and not buy anything you enjoy. I agree with the others to get the speedy b as it will probably be cheaper cost per use as you will use it more than the classic. I don’t have kids and can’t imagine my speedy b 25 being only a handheld, I would never use it.
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  7. This is a luxury for the middle class, so you're the target consumer. Sort of a very nice SUV of a bag and not a Lamborgini. And you deserve what makes you smile and serves your purposes, provided it fits within your other financial commitments. Just enjoy!
  8. For me, I only buy LV that I KNOW I love, will use, and/or timeless. I think about how many other cheaper bags from Target or Coach I will avoid buying if I have a LV bag that fills a need for me and looks chic. I view LV bags as buy it once items that I’ll have forever and use in lieu of buying other bags. They also offer great repair services so I won’t have to buy new in a few years, I can have them fix it. I inspect my bags each use to stay on top of any issues. I don’t baby them but I am mindful. Think of cost per wear. For example, I have a ton of crappy totes that have holes in the corners or cracked glazing, but always reach for my neverfull because it has worn fantastically and goes with any outfit.
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  9. I go by the Ariana Grande System of Justification which is: (*ahem*) I see it, I like, I want it, I got it. :lol:

    Honestly, it’s the same as everyone has said, if you can afford it and it’s not hurting other things financially, then get it. You deserve to treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting for a long time... It will become addictive though! LV’s are like potato chips, you can’t stop at just one... Or ten...
  10. A little about my spending habit: I prefer to buy less things that are high quality. I do not mind paying a higher price for quality, regardless of the item. I would rather pay $500 for boots that last me 5+ years than buy $100 boots every year. I like shopping, but not for the same item every year because it broke. I like to buy items that won't go out of style. If I'm going to buy something cheap (we're talking <$20), I buy it knowing that I don't really care what happens to it. I have cheap bags for going out, specifically for spilled alcoholic drinks. I do own contemporary brand items that I love, but I'm selective of the brands because they have varying degrees of quality. I consider my bag and slg collection small when compared to other people's.

    Whenever I make a purchase ($ or $$$), I weigh the pros and cons of the item. I also consider if it's something I would use and for how long. I don't want items that I would get tired of in two years. Most importantly, it has to be an item that fills a void in my "need." When I look at bags, it has to offer me something that I currently do not have with my other bags. I think having bags of different sizes is justified. I think having bags in different styles is also fine. I like my bags to be good for everyday, but I do own a couple of "trendy" pieces. I pass on bags if I feel like they won't contribute much to my current collection. As long as a purchase is well thought out, I think it can be a responsible purchase. However, I don't think anyone should go into debt for a bag, or any frivolous item, regardless of how long they have mulled over it.

    That being said, I don't think there's a problem with people having nice things. If you can afford an item and its maintenance, like a vintage car, then I don't see a problem. We all have different ideas on what a "smart" purchase is. Here on tpf, most people are going to think bags are worth your money. People who like cars will have different opinions on which cars are worth it, and they may not understand the allure of bags at all.

    If you can afford a speedy and it makes you happy, go for it. You, more than anyone else, will know if it's a well deserved item. I'm single with no kids, but I remember the amount of time and sacrifices my mom put into raising me and my sister. If however you feel like you have other financial obligations at the moment, putting the money aside for savings could put you at ease. Ultimately, it's your decision and what you feel comfortable doing.
  11. I didn't really feel I had to justify my first LV (Speedy B 25 in DE) as I was at an age and point in my career where I could. Though I did try to save money by getting a classic Speedy first. Then, my parents sent generous Christmas and birthday checks and THAT paid for a bandouliere, which was the best decision. I knew my lifestyle was more hands-free and what I could not justify was spending that kind of money on something I knew I would not feel as comfortable using on a daily basis. I love having the choice to use as a handheld, but it's rare that I do. And the option to go crossbody or shorten to a shoulder bag makes it even more versatile. I know it is a lot to spend when you don't have much expendible income and my heart was literally beating fast when I handed over all that cash, but I know it is classic and built to last, unlike so many previous leather bags I've had. I have no regrets and neither will you! But the sudden addiction is real! In less than two years I have purchased 2 new SLGs in different canvas prints, and a preloved, pristine wallet in Epi leather, as well as two preloved handbags, also in different prints, and a new bandeau. I now am eyeing a new NF for travel, but am saving and trying to talk myself out of the less practical mono print, but I adore it with the pivoine interior. Let us know what you do!
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  12. Only you can decide if you can afford an LV bag at this point and if its price is worth it to you. There are always trade-offs whenever you make a choice to spend money on something. Once you decide to buy the LV, just make sure you get the bag you really want, at least for me if I'm going to spend $1000 I would like to save a little longer and spend more to get what I really want vs. settling for something I don't want as much just because it's a few hundred cheaper.
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  13. Definitely get the b. With kids, you NEED the strap. Nothing hurts worse than spending big bucks on a bag that collects dust because it doesn’t fit your lifestyle.
  14. Life is short. So if you want it and can afford it, just buy it and enjoy!
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  15. I guess I've never really stopped to justify my purchases but now that I reflect on it I think I enjoy rewarding myself when I am able to. I work really hard and I like nice things.
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