How do you job search!?!?

  1. I have a question (or probably lots) for everyone who has ever searched for a job... how do you do it??

    A little history...

    I am a 34 year old who was employed working throughout the northeast in marketing and business development with a Fortune 100 company for the past 10 years. I left recently (well... not so recently anymore) because they offered a buy-out pre layoffs -- I was moving from Baltimore, MD to Harrisburg, PA, getting married, honeymooning, etc. so it just seemed like a good time for me.

    I sold my house, took the buyout, left my job and have been really busy - planning a wedding, getting married, visiting Europe, getting my now husband's 'boy house' (a 39 year old bachelor's house) into our home -- gutting, cleaning, throwing out, moving in, ridding ourselves of everything we have that was duplicated, renovating...

    It has really been fun and a great 6 months but now I really want a job!!

    I don't know anyone here except DH's family/friends and I am so used to having lots of great friends/co-workers nearby and would probably use them to network and ask for advice/assistance/get my resume out there.

    I have started looking online but since I don't have to work anymore, I want only what I want... I have had a few offers but nothing that I took because it just didn't feel quite right.

    So... how do you find a job!!?!? I would sincerely appreciate any insight anyone has. I have been out of the market of looking for a job for so long -- probably 15 years that I have really no idea how to do it. I probaby need to get a recruiter (but how do I go about that?) I know I need to get out there (join trade organizations, etc.) And I need to circulate my resume among my friends (even if they don't live near me)

    Many thanks -- I appreciate ANY help!!

  2. Networking is the best way to land a job. Try calling your old acquaintance, coworkers or friends. Also attend local job fairs if they have any and bring an updated and impressive resume. What about craiglist/monster postings? Good luck.
  3. As a recruiter, some of my best/ highly qualified candidates are coming to me through reputable agencies. Monster and craigslist are fine, but the masses have access to both, where a good recruiting agency will help you target and sell your skills. Also, are there companies in your area that you would be interested in working for? Target them - check their website daily, and even go as far as writing a letter and including your resume, address is to the Recruiter if there isnt a job posting that fits your skills. Job fairs are also fine, but I'm not sure you will find the level of position you are looking for there. And as the previous poster said - Network - everywhere you go. I get excellent candidates through referrals, because I trust that employees in my company know other great people, and can vouch for their qualifications.

    Best of Luck!
  4. Thank you both!! I totally agree with the networking -- so critical and so hard when you are new to an area. (Luckily, from my previous job -- bosses and co-workers -- I have gotten offers here -- just not the right ones yet!!)

    I will definitely send targeted letters to companies that I would like to work for -- great idea!! Than you so much!
  5. Hey there, Steph! I finished negotiating a job offer earlier this month and will start right after Labor Day. Prior to then I was consulting and got cut a little earlier than anticipated (that's how it goes) so from about late June to early August I was fulltime job hunting.

    I found my next (starting next week) job through But it was coupled with (accidentally) getting in contact with a colleague I had worked with previously elsewhere who, unbeknownst to me, was at this company and got my foot in the door beyond an online service.

    ITA with needanotherbag on getting with a good agency who can best represent you. You may not be looking for contract gigs but many can be contract to hire.

    You are blessed that this is a choice, not an obligation for you. All the best for your job search and finding the next great company that deserves YOU!
  6. Many thanks for the advice -- I tried it today and will continue tomorrow and beyond!! Thanks so much!!