How do you introduce your bag that someone you know had first?

  1. The title sounds stupid but it's the best way to describe what I'm asking-- I feel weird never having designer bags or anything and within the past year now I have several. Well my boyfriend's sister was all like "wow my LV" last summer and I'm seeing her again soon and I got the same one.

    I don't know why I would feel weird? I mean mine is also obviously second hand (not because of wear-- there is no wear, just the leather will be darker haha)

    And I don't really feel like talking about it, I just want to bring my LV which is my every-day-bag.

    Anyone been in a similar situation? I don't want to make it seem like I'm copying her, and I think I feel that way because she inspired me in a lot of ways involving fashion... I don't think we dress the same though; we dress like tons of other girls, but just knowing she influenced me makes me feel self conscious about it seeming like I copied her.

    I'd rather not be thinking about my bag on the day I'm writing this about.

    Anyone know what I mean?
  2. If she says anything just tell her what you said in this thread--that she inspires you fashion-wise--and let it go at that. She will probably be flattered.
  3. When was the last time you saw your BF's sister? If you haven't seen her since last summer, maybe you can just play it off as though you didn't realize it was the same bag. Flatter her by saying I really liked your bag, and I bought what I thought was a similar one. Or just take a different bag on days that you know you'll see her.
  4. If she mentions it, you could just say "I hope you dont mind... I loved this bag so much when I saw it on you, I just had to get one for myself!" Otherwise, I wouldnt even mention it. Its not like its some obscure, new young designer one of a kind bag that no one else has in a 100 mile radius! LVs are popular all over the world.
  5. Why even bother mentioning it?

    Simply put, LV (and many other bags) are popular. Someone will have your same bag. I just don't think drawing attention to it is necessary. It wouldn't phase me if DH's sister showed up with the same bag. At all.
  6. It all depends on how you think she's going to react. If you think she won't care, then bring it. If she might get angry and think you copied her, then use a different bag. I'm the type of person that tries to avoid drama at all costs, so I just wouldn't bring it.
  7. I think LV is sufficiently widespread that it shouldn't matter too much. I could only see this situation being a problem if she had an obscure and unique bag and it was obvious that you copied her. If she says something, just say that you have always liked the look of LV and decided to buy one.
  8. You could also say something about how you never really paid much attention to LV until you saw her bag. And after seeing hers you really started to like it. Something like how its so different seeing someone carry it as opposed to a picture or on a shelf.

    The purse I have now is a pretty obscure Cynthia Rowley. A co-worker had one & I made no secret of my determination to find one just like it. She used to kid me that I was like a dog with a bone! When I finally found it, I couldn't wait to show it to her! I joked to her that now she wouldn't have to listen to me offer her $$ for her bag!:p
  9. Thanks so much for your advice you guys! I'm still so uneasy about bringing my LV... I know once I bring it though it will be easy to forever-on, and it will be good conversation about how it's not my only one so my other's I won't feel so worried about bringing-- like just the designer itself. Like she had Gucci for a while first and then I got a Gucci bag but an entirely different one although monogramed... and sunglasses Gucci, all which she had long before I was even so much as interested in designer things...

    I was thinking of telling her she made me love designer things which she did actually. So that might break the ice on it a bit. Just me knowing she influenced me makes it so difficult haha.
  10. I think you shouldn't feel uneasy at all. After all, you didn't steal HER MONEY to buy the bag. Why worry? If I were you I would just wear the bag on the day that you meet her. You should be able to wear whatever you like. Even if she thinks that you copy her. I don't think it's a big deal at all.
  11. I wouldn't worry about it but if you ARE concerned, maybe carry something else on the day you see her.