How do you introduce a new Bal to your significant other???

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  1. This is how I do it. "hey honey I just traded 6 small LV's for this wonderful 09 Tempete RH you like it???":graucho:

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  2. :roflmfao:
  3. My DH is blue/green color-blind, and I have mostly either blue or green bags, so I don't think he notices....
  4. i say, "what this? no, i have had this for a while." then i pretend to be offended that he never notices anything.
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    BF is (sadly) very noticable so I can't fool! I have just got four new Bbags and only showed him one, a Tempete GSH City. This was my first large GH bag so of course he noticed the Papeete GSH City and the Black GSH Work as well, and also he said "and this light green one (Vert d'eau) is also new, right? Looks very similar to the Papeete, what's the point?"...OMG, i blushed and said that they are very different and he just couldn't see it because he is a man:lolots:
    But I also have to add that he says I can do whatever I want with my own money as long as it doesn't affect him or the both of us. He is a Mac freak and spend way too much money on new computers, iPhones, etc. so I guess he understands me a little:P
  6. hehe, great way to introduce it! And beautiful new bag, congrats! :smile:
  7. Mine sadly notices too. He was just complaining a few days ago that I needed a bag with a longer strap so he could carry it easily for me. I said, Oh don't worry, I've got one with a longer strap on the way, it's pink too btw :biggrin: I'm awaiting a car purchase so he can stop nagging!
  8. If my GF sees me having a new bag..all she'll say is.. "Where's mine? :graucho:"
  9. ^^ i love that! :roflmfao:

    my husband wouldn't know they were new if i didn't introsuce him to them. i make them get fully acquainted, too. it helps that he likes my bag when we're shopping and i sometimes ask him to hold it for me :heart:
  10. Now I don't bother since he just bought a sports car as a new toy! That's a lot of bags I could buy!
  11. I use both: "Crazyinlv" and "somechick" excuses for new bag purchases. I either sold an LV bag to get the money or he just doesn't notice me or what I'm wearing. But these excuses are getting old...think he's catching on.
    Pretty sad that I work, like many of you ladies out there, and have to make excuses for buying handbags.
    This kind of festered in me and I was a bit angry when I told him I was ordering 2 bal bags from Paris and I'd better not hear any complaints from him because...after all...I've made huge sacrifices going to school, working a stressful job, AND taking care of our kids. He didn't say anything...he asked me just yesterday if my bags had arrived.
    WOW, should've tried that before!
  12. i buy dark bags and tell BF "oh this? this was in my closet!" hahaa... he caught on with the last one though.
  13. I try to encourage him to buy things so I'm not the only one buying things:smile:
    I think he's supportive as long as I don't get too many, I think it's good as it keep me under control.
  14. ^^ me too, aimtree! or i would wipe out our bank account.
  15. hubby: what's that? new?
    me: no, i bought it 2 months ago, remember? when i talked about the...(when on about the colors)
    he is tired of all my talk about bags so that's a good distract :biggrin: