How Do YOU hide your addictions?!?!

  1. I didn't find a thread started on this but I thought it would be fun to discuss how all of us shopaholics disguise our horrible:graucho: disease from our loved ones and ourselves!! So please post all your sneaky tales of lying, manipulating, coercing, hiding to prove to others we're not THAT bad.

    As for me:

    1.I hide my purchases in my trunk until my DH is not home then take them inside; 2. if i buy something new, I say 'oh, i just returned that old shirt i never wore, and am exchanging it for this so i'm not really spending. 3. i ALWAYS say 'it was on sale!' or 'i've had this forever' 4. i ship packages AND bills to alternate address AND i always check the mail first 5. I go shopping during hours where my DH thinks I'm elsewhere; during work lunch, school, right after work when i'm "working late" 6. my favorite line is "honey, i'm just going to run a quick errand, be right back! " :roflmfao:

    Have fun with it; the crazier the better!!
  2. Thats funny! I write in the subject line of my check registar...safeway!!! hahaha
  3. I don't * hide* stuff, per se.

    I break DH in -gently- to the idea that I bought something new.

    for example:

    Me: Hey babe, I found these HOT new shoes for 50% off retail!! I think I should get them

    DH: Gee honey, didn't you just buy a few pair of shoes? Plus the ones I bought you for Christmas???

    Me: Oh yeah, I *adore* the ones you bought me. Want me to wear them? :graucho: But these -new- shoes are great for the pants I already had, plus I can wear them to work. So I think I should get them on sale before they are out of my size and I have to go to eBay.

    Him: No eBay!! Buy them now!!!

    Me: :ninja::devil::angel::whistle:
  4. I don't hide my purchases from my husband but the other day I said, "look what I bought today". He said, "do you know how many times you start a sentence that way?" Now, the purchases just get put away when I get home.
  5. That hit HOME :wtf:

  6. I'm the same way!!! :roflmfao:
  7. how funny!! i'm glad to see i'm not the only crazy out there!!

    ;)I also give me husband a little lovin before i spring my packages on him!!
  8. Lol..I live with my parents so there's no way to hide them. My addictions are hanging up on my wall (bags) and hanging in my closet (clothes).
  9. ^when i lived at home i was the same way!! my huge room WAS my huge closet. bags clothes shoes jewelry perfume everywhere!! it was my friends most favorite place. you never knew what you would find...or step on.:push:
  10. Haha. Thank goodness I don't keep stuff all over the floor or anything, I have things pretty much organized :lol:
  11. If I hid my addiction from my S.O. I'd feel like I was cheating.:blush: All of my family knows.
    Your stories are cute though.
  12. i just don't bother telling my bf or my family that i've bought something new. I wait for my family to see the package being delivered to the house or I wait for my bf to say "did you buy another purse again?" after seeing the charges on my statements. :graucho:
  13. People know I have an addiction- they just don't know how bad it really is :rolleyes:
  14. I don't hide my purchase from dh but sometimes I just don't mention them:graucho:
    and when it comes to bags I sell one to buy another but most of the times the bag I sold made less money than the new one I buy but it seems that he doesn't figure it out and I tend to forget really quickly about the fact that it isn't a real exchange when you have to throw in another couple of hundred $, right. Thank god for my crappy memory :whistle:
  15. lol these responses were cute & interesting.

    i havent hid anything from my man yet. it hasnt gotten that bad..

    but i HAVE hid from my parents back then, lol

    I would leave my purchases somewhere in the garage and come back for it in the middle of the night.