How do you handle an item not described?

  1. Hi all:

    I have been buying on eBay since 1998 and never had a problem until now. I purchased a LV that was described as in good condition with no rips, but light soiling (not noticable). The seller said there were a couple of grey scuff marks that do not show up on camera and were only on one side of the bag.

    Well I got the bag today and every surface has damage that appears to be embedded in the leather. Moreover, there is a rip in the top of the leather. Attached are pictures.

    How do you handle an item not described with Paypal? I am assuming the seller is not going to refund since she has not responded. Who do you send the bag to to get support for it not being as described? Totally lost as to what to do with Paypal. TIA
    black2.jpg black1.jpg bla3.jpg red2.jpg rip.jpg
  2. Wow. Have you tried magic eraser on the scuffs? Maybe the damage just looks worse than it is... try taking it to a boutique to see if it's fixable. Would you be willing to accept a discount from the seller? Try emailing her with that option and let her know that if she's unwilling to do a partial refund you'll have to open a SNAD dispute. I'm not sure you have a strong case though since the seller made mention of the scuff marks. Did she downplay the scuffs in the description? If she said things like "only on one side" then I'd say go straight to the dispute. If you do open a dispute focus on the tear in the leather and maybe note the excessive discoloration.
  3. You should contact the seller first, you may be able to come to an agreement on a fair price for the bag. Try to be calm and friendly in the email, it seems to work better.

    If she agrees to refund your money if you return the purse, make sure she agrees to refund your original shipping price as well. If she doesn't just file a snad, you will have to pay to ship it back, but paypal will refund the original shipping.
  4. Yup, I would first contact the seller (but it soulds like you already have and he/she is not responding). Then I would open a paypal dispute. If the seller said "no tears" and there is an obvious tear, it shouldn't be hard to win the dispute.
  5. Ugh! :nogood:

    If the seller said that there was only light soiling (not noticeable) on the bag and that there were only a couple of grey scuffs on one side of the bag ONLY, that don't show up on camera, that is definitely SNAD; as they are showing up just fine on camera in your pics (you don't have a magic, stain revealing camera, do you?!) and are all over the bag! :rolleyes:

    Not to mention the rip that wasn't mentioned at all and in fact, was specifically denied! :sad:

    I can't stand it when sellers lie about condition and it's sooooo common for them to do so, to a greater or lesser extent. :cursing:

    So many sellers, even those who wouldn't dream of lying about authenticity, blatantly and regularly seem to lie about condition.

    I especially hate it when their answer to a complaint is; 'Well, I think it's OK for the price.'! That is NOT the point, is it? The point is, that one has the right to know what one is bidding on before one bids (after all, they don't know what your maximum bid was!) and the affect on value condition has, is second only to authenticity.

    Rant over! :lol:

    Yes, definitely file a dispute for Significantly Not As Described condition, stating everything you've mentioned here and please let us know how you get on. :yes:
  6. Thanks for the advice. I am so fumming right now. Here is actually the link to the auction:

    Based on what she described, I feel this was really misdescribed. Her photos look to me like they were purposefully shot or doctored so as to not show this damage. But maybe I am wrong. Still waiting for a response from the seller, but think I will take it the LV store tomorrow to see what they say. My main problem besides the rip and both sides not being disclosed as damaged is that it is very clear these are not scuff marks. It looks like ink embedded underneath the coating if that makes sense.
  7. ^ I'm not surprised you're angry.

    I can see, what look like, marks on the bag in the pics on the auction, but they are nowhere near as obvious as the ones in your pics, so, IMO, the pics she took were either doctored, or taken in such a way as to, intentionally, minimise them.

    As the seller also underplayed the marks so drastically in the description, I don't think the fact that they are just visible in the pics will affect your case adversely. :nogood: Especially, since the bag also has the (denied) rip.

    Just make sure to list all the problems, versus the description, as comprehensively as possible (BTW, if you write your complaint in Microsoft Word [or the equivalent] and then copy and paste it into the Paypal dispute field, you can fit much more in! :tup: ), and say everything that you have said here, including the fact that the marks are actually not even scuffs, but, what look like, extensive ink marks. :yes:

    BTW, she has misrepresented condition at least 3 times before:

    Please also leave her a neg., to warn others. :yes:
  8. I was just thinking - could this bag be covered in the blue dye that thieves get sprayed with?

    If so, could the bag be stolen, I wonder? :shrugs:

    "What's more, you can't use or sell a garment splattered with an ugly dye.'' - or, apparently, maybe you can?! :shocked:
  9. Even the last positve she recieved states something about the description being off. After reading her description, and then looking again at the pics, I agree that you have every right to be angry. She does have a terribe FB Score, even though most of the issues are old, they are the same problems.

    If you don't want to leave her bad FB then at least hit her stars hard.

    I hope it all works out for you.
  10. Well, I did a bit of searching and it looks like in June she bought the bag she sold you; she bought it for $204...

    The original seller's description doesn't mention any tears but the pics have a cool zoom feature so you can see for yourself if there was any damage.

    I'm so sorry; I hate cagey sellers who don't tell the full truth...
  11. ^ Well found! :biggrin:

    What a sketchy seller! :yucky:

    She, knowingly, bought that bag, even though the original seller had stated clearly that it could not be cleaned, just to flip it for more than 100% profit after fees to some unsuspecting buyer. :nogood:

    Definitely overdue for another big fat neg, IMO. :yes: :cursing:
  12. UGH! Now I would be super peeved!!

    I am so sorry this happened to you.....I would definately let other traders know what she is up to.
  13. You ladies are the Best. thanks so much for the sluthing. I cannot belive she bought the damaged bag and then resold it without listing the damage.
  14. Is it just my computer or is the written description missing from the auction page now??

    If the written description is missing that, to me, is a good indication that the seller is trying to pull a fast one!

    Good luck getting you money back ---- and please leave negative feedback to warn other potential buyers.
  15. It's still there. It is posted to the right of the photos. I have filed the paypal claim and will leave her feedback once it is over.