How do you handle a Bbag windfall??

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  1. do you handle a bbag windfall?

    Have you ever had a situation where all the Bbags on your wishlist are suddenly readily available for you to purchase? Do you purchase them all at the same time because you don't know when they will be available again?

    That's my situation right now, and I feel like it's the alignment of the planets and it will never happen again...especially since 2 are discontinued. I'd prefer not to get into debt, but...they're my wishlist bags!!
  2. mimi- i say go for it! i busted out my cc and dug into my saving to buy my khaki, turq, and burgundy last week oun eBay. So if those colors rarely come along.... GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!!! (ie. panda's marigold!!!! omg if that was on eBay the same time as ROnda's eggplant, I WOULD DIE!!!!!!!)
  3. esp the rouge theatre on your wishlist!!!! go get it girlfriend!
  4. That would depned I think into how much debt you go...I personally would buy both bags for the reasons you stated and if I knew I could pay them off in a few months I would do it...I mean if after all your bills are paid and you have $200 left over a month that wouldn't work but if you have a little better cash flow it is easy for a few months to cut some bringing lunch to work, not eating out, no other miscellaneous shopping sprees even if they are only $50 or so at Walmart or whatever..all that adds up...become a little more creative in what you have for dinner to cut down at the grocery store, run your errands at the same time to save on gas...I mean there are a hundred ways to probably save some extra cash...if the bags are really deseirable they will be harder to get later and possibily more expensive than they are now...if you are excessive compulsive like me that will be all you think about until you get them and sometimes I'd rather put that feeling to rest by just purchasing them and getting it over with so I can move on...ofcourse if your finances do not allow for this then I would purchase at least one of them and you can start saving for the will eventually pop up somewhere....good luck with your decision
  5. I hear you girl! I'm living the same right now...
    Don't know what to do... I've bought too many bags in a short period of time and now some dream bags are coming up and I'm feeling tortured...:sweatdrop:
    To slap on the credit or not? That is the question!

    I guess you could ask yourself if you are capable of ever getting over not finding them again or will you be mad at yourself eternally for not taking that plunge?

    The bf keeps telling me :

    - "Sweetie - Balenciaga will keep on making bags in new colors every season, chill out! AND you know very well everything comes up again on eBay!"

    It has yet to work with me... but he is right...

    You know your needs and what you are/aren't capable of...
  6. I did that with Chloe bags last year and ended up with almost 30 of them and a big fat amex bill. sold and returned most and paid the bill, and reality check set in fast. I will never do that again! Now, its one at a time for me. Having NO more bbags left I am now carefully considering my next purchase. An Anthracite City or Day. Hopefully by the time they are out I will have decided which one I will buy.
  7. It's really hard to manage spending for Bbags because of the situation you're describing. It can feel like now or never and although it might not be "never" it really could be a long time until you find your rare dream bag. I say get both if you can swing it (e.g., if the timing is right, maybe you can sell other bags before you have to pay your credit card bill, rent, etc.).
  8. i'm a very very bad girl... i've had times when i ended up with only like 100$ in my acc :roflmfao:
    my cc's have a very small limit, and when the cc company called to ask if i want to change my limit and get a gold card, i said no :p
    i think it was my biggest mistake, or ... my smartest move :shame:
  9. Hi MiMi - I took a look at your signature wishlist and I see you have a Birkin on there. Is the Birkin at the top or at the bottom of your wishlist? Meaning, if you buy more than 1 bbag are you sacrificing your ability to own a Birkin?

    I think you will always be able to find Ink bbags for sale at one time or another. If you came across a mint-condition Rouge bag then perhaps that would be one to jump on now, and then enjoy the rouge bag for a while and see if your wishlist modifies. :smile:
  10. Isn't that ALWAYS the way??? For months ... you lust for particular bags and them WHAM-BAM-BANG ... a bunch of them are available! I'm in the same "boat" right now ... that's why I'm selling those that were either NEVER used or rarely used. Then I will start selling all other brands - Chloe, Fendi, L/V and Chanel (except for 1 Chanel and 1 Jimmy Choo bag). That way, I won't feel as bad and will have the $$$ to pay because I DO NOT want to put that much on the C/C's (did that last year in Italy ... went a little crazy and then had to really budget around the holidays up till now - HATE IT!).
  11. Wow, so much good advice from TPFers! I really :heart: you guys!!

    Well, my financial situation is that I'm working but live at home so I don't have to worry about rent and other living expenses (thanks mom and dad!)...The only big loan debt I have to worry about are my student loans.

    The Birkin bag is a wishlist bag that won't be realized for a loooong time, due to the fact I need to save up for it, plus the difficulty of currying favor with Hermes SAs so I can get on the list. My goal is to build up a great collection of handbags, and this year is the year of Balenciaga for me.

    The biggest problem with affording Bbags right now is that with the ink and 05 rouge, I'd have to come up with funds immediately to pay for them, since they're from private sellers. I'm not sure that they'll be willing to wait until my next paycheck comes in (end of the month) before I can buy them, especially since I'm sure there are other people eager and ready to buy these 2 right away. I guess I could put it on my credit card...

    As for the French Blue twiggy...ohhhh boy. I am so in love with this color and I'm afraid BalNY will be sold out of them soon. I need to call and see how many are left. In addition, I hate buying from them due to their restrictive exchange-only policy.

    And earth.keeper (and her wise boyfriend :p) has a very good point that Balenciaga will be coming up with bags in new beautiful colors in the future...why are we so obsessed with past colors when there will be some equally if not more beautiful colors to come??

    I had no idea how bad Bbag addiction could be...really, if I knew it was going to be like this just a month ago, I would have been like :rolleyes:. I didn't even like Bbags that much until I came onto this forum!
  12. Definitely, that was your smartest move! Good girl!
  13. I can't believe it myself!! I'm still expecting to have a dream like in "American Beauty" where the rose petals are falling from the sky only instead of petals I'll have different colored Bbags falling on me!! LOL!!
  14. Girl you are one strong willed cookie!!
    Not sure I could have done it!!
  15. thanks girl, feeling lot better now :yahoo: