how do you guys save for your bags?

  1. So I really really really want the quilted croc downtown especially after all you wonderful tpFers posted modeling pics and such. However, as you all know, the price of this bag is pretty high! Even the sale price on the bluefly website is still more than what I paid for my Muse =(.

    Anyway, I was just wondering, how do you guys save/make money for your bags? Any advice??
  2. First of all, I have to decide if I really, really want the bag. I must see the bag IRL and feel the leather, unstuff it, carefully inspect the stitching, tags and pockets and then carry it around the for several minutes.

    These bags are not cheap, so I take the time to decide if I really want the bag... or a plane ticket to Europe!

    I also talk to the sales associates and call around various stores to compare prices and ask about upcoming sales! ;)
  3. What about a trade up? Bags are a bit like polka chips. Once you've got some you're in the game. Then all you need to do is know how to trade them effectively. ;)
  4. For me, a big part of saving efficiently is avoiding all unnecessary purchases like getting Starbucks, things that I see on sale that I just have to have, etc. I keep my mind focused only on what I truly want.
  5. Yes, I need to save for my bags, or at least curtail my other expenditure. I tend to keep some money aside every month. I would never sell or trade them in though because when I spend a lot of money on a bag, I chose one that I know I will like for a long time and I really fall in love with it.

    I think it is great that you are aiming to save for your downtown, it will make it even more special when you get it and it is much better than putting it on your credit card in my opinion.

    It's such a gorgeous bag I hope you will get it
  6. Does'nt sound much,but I gave up smoking,(only two years ago!)since then I have bought a few bags and other yummy treats such as a Cartier key ring,Paul Smith belt and a purse and feel quite decadent now I can afford these treats I could'nt before,and the only thing I surround myself with now is fab treats and not a horrible stentch!!!And my perfumes last longer and smell better too!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  7. I just put away some $$ from my paycheck every month. This way I have enough funds to cover my bag purchase.
  8. Same here. And any extra income goes into the bag fund.
  9. Same here. And cleaning out everyone's closets at home for unwanted stuff for resale adds to the bag fund. It's not much in itself, but believe me, it accumulates. Every dollar counts :tup:!
  10. I don't save for bags, but sell what I already have. Been working out great so far :tup:
  11. oooh,don't have any bags to re-sell,I'm not lucky enough to be in that position..................yet!!!!hehe!! But I do resist going out boredom shopping,y'know 'I'll just spend a bit' I think we've all done it from time to time,I'm a bit of a bugger for it at the moment,being home all day with a 16 month old who is more entertained by going round the shops than sitting in(who AM I really trying to kid here,she likes the park best!!)BUT, I try to say hmmmm if I bought that,and I had'nt spent X there or Y there I would only be only £200 off a new bag,does'nt work all the time but it does make me think about what I'm spending my(husbands!!!oops!!)money on and to a large extent I am more careful.Does that help??
  12. I usually buy on eBay (after years of buying upon eBay I have only run into two sticky situations and both times I got my money back in full). You can authenticate the bag within the corresponding "Authenticate This" thread on the forum and save a bundle on eBay. Just a thought! best wishes:flowers:
  13. i usually sell bags i dont use or not fond of anymore to fund a new bag purchase
  14. if you are a starbucks or bottled H2O consumer, consider making coffee at home and drinking tap H2O. figure out how much $ you spend a month on these expenses and put that towards your bag fund. You don't even have to go cold turkey, you can allot yourself a few starbucks etc... a week- whatever you do, just be sure to account for it in your budgeting. you'll find yourself carrying that downtown bag in no time! Good Luck!