How do you guys organize your tupperware /plastic food storage containers?

  1. Kind of wondering what others are doing to keep your plastic wear nice and tidy?

    It seems if I stack them with there lids, they retain a weird smell.
    I have a big container that I keep the lids and stack the bowls separately.
    There use to be an informercial that had a rack that rotated with stackable lids on one side and bowls/ containers on the other - but my neighbor says the plastic items retain that weird smell too.:confused1:

    any thoughts - really appreciated!:tup:
  2. I stack mine in the cupboard with the containers and lids separately. Unfortunately plastic tupperware tends to retain smell after awhile and will sometimes stain too, depending on what you put in there. I'll just toss them and buy new ones when this happens.
  3. I stack the same size/shape containers and put all the lids in a separate larger container in single file.
  4. thanks for your thoughts :tup:
  5. I wish I had a better system b/c mine is kind of messy, but I put all the containers in the cupboard and the lids in a drawer.
  6. Mine is really not organized well. I stack the pieces and put lids separate. I do need new ones. I put them in the dishwasher, even though I should not. I just buy the gladware stuff that is semi-disposable.
  7. I don't hehe. I just stick them all in the cupboard!
  8. I just tossed all of mine!

    gonna go buy all new :smile:
  9. Organize? What is that??? LOL,

    Nah, I just stack mine all together then put the lids in the top container.
  10. 1. Open cupboard door
    2. Take aim
    3. Throw
  11. *spews drink on keyboard*


    All of mine are in a drawer, I try to keep them neat so they take up less space. The lids are standing up against the side and the containers are in the middle of the drawer, stacked if possible.
  12. My husband is really good about organizing our tupperware section for me, because I'm really short and I can't reach. I normally just shove whatever I can inside that cupboard and hope it doesn't all come tumbling down on me. :p

    Lady Chinadoll, I had that system that you mentioned with the rotating rack, and it just didn't work for my family. My husband uses the tupperware containers to bring his lunch to work, so they need to be flat, in the entree shape. The rotating system is deep rather than flat, so you can only really use them for storage. It does help with the messiness though.

    You can use Plastic Booster for the smell and red stains. I find it in the dishwashing aisle, and it works pretty good.
  13. Is it ever possible to organize Tupperware? I personally don't think so. I have every good intention of keeping the Tupperware cupboard tidy, but it just doesn't last. Yes, I stack the bases and have the lids in a separate big box, but still, the shapes are all different and in the end it's a case of opening the cupboard and hoping nothing comes tumbling out! My hubby despairs, but if he has a better system, he's welcome to try it.
  14. that pretty much sums up my system as well, except add a two year old who still loves to play in the cupbords to the mix, and you start to understand why I usually can't find a lid that fits any given bowl!
  15. hahah this is just what our house is like.. the containers are everywhere I look, and we have years of containers with unmatched lids and theyre just everywhere since my mom loves containers any buys them all the damn time.. we have a cupboard FULL of all the ones we frequently use, but the ones that dont have a matching lid or bottom (because my mother refuses to throw anything away) theyre in a huge plastic casing that my queen blanket comforter came in