How do you guys like the "Purse"

  1. How popular is the Purse shape? Is it good for the shoulder? It seems to have the same shape as the City basically, but longer handles?? I've seen it at the store and always liked it.

    Anyone have any pics of their PURSE?
  2. Here's my black Purse. I have a gray once shown on some other thread. I keep thinking it's redundant with my black Work, but then I look at it again and end up really liking it. I think what's nice about it is that the shape is a little different--more rounded at the edges. It's also flat.
  3. Okay--I found my gray one. This is a better photo:
  4. Thanks for the pic Susan-Eric. It looks like it may be easier to carry. Ooh your gray one is gorgeous too! I have one on the way! I can't wait! I'll post pics when it arrives.
  5. oh i lurrrvvvveee the purse's mine: (magenta and eggplant)


  6. Would those of you who have this bag say that it holds a comparable amount to the City?
  7. hmmmmmmmm, the city is deeper, so i'm guessing it holds more :wondering
  8. I love the way the purse shape looks, I don't have one yet, but it is definitely on my list.

    Amour: Your Eggplant and Magenta purses are GORGEOUS!!
  9. Wow, gorgeous pics. Thanks so much. I have seen it IRL and it looks large. I'd think it holds pretty close to the City bag. Mine is due to arrive any day. Did I mention I can't wait? LOL

    PS, Amour N20, thanks for the shoulder pic!! I love your eggplant bag!
  10. Luccibag ... I love the Purse very much, I would say it's a size between a city and a classique first - and you could wear it very good over the shoulder :yes:
  11. ooo I like it too! Looks very comfy!
  13. Lucci, what colour?????
  14. That gorgeous eggplant is TDF!