How do you guys feel about the Graffiti Keepall?

  1. Share your feelings about using the Graffiti Keepall!
    Do you guys like it, or not?

    Share stories! Love to hear!
  2. I am not a fan of this line.
  3. Oh, darn.

    I dont know why, but the Graffiti yells "REBEL" to me, and its my favorite.

    I would kill for a keepall from this line.
  4. Hells yeah!!! ME TOO!!!

    I miss you! Do you mean you love the line or dislike it?
  6. I really like the graffiti line and I would love a graffiti keepall (with a graffiti wallet to match :smile:).
  7. Haha, I just think walking through the airport with a Graffiti Keepall would be so "BANG."

    You know?

    Haha, Im so childish.
  8. Yeah, you'd get a lot of enivous/admiring stares :smile:
  9. Yay!
  10. personally i love the graffiti line and i think a keepall would be great! i have a b/w graffiti alma and absolutely LOVE it. it was like love at first sight. lol.
  11. Awesome! I love the Graffiti Almas. They are gorgeous!
  12. honestly, I'm not a fan. I think it looks gaudy as hell. To me, LV embodies class - and I think the graffiti line is the very opposite.

    please don't throw stones. jmho.
  13. i love this line. i love the pochette, speedy, and keepall... not too big of an alma fan, though. i like them all in silver or green!
  14. Eh, I'm over the graffiti line at this point. I have similar feelings for the cherry blossom line, too. Once you've seen it a bunch of times, it gets old. I'd be more apt to purchase a cerises keepall. Something about those cherries!
  15. I love the Graffiti line and the Keepall is one of my favorite pieces, next to the Pochette.