How do you guys feel about Ebay?


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Dec 2, 2005
Hi all -

I'm new to the forum (got sidetracked to this site while purchasing my two Botkier bags) and had a question for you ladies. How do you feel about purchasing handbags on ebay? I have never bought one through eBay, but was thinking about it for my balenciaga bag. I was startled to see that some bags were selling for $300, although they were labeled as "100% genuine and authentic". These bags normally go for $1, I am a bit weary. Too good to be true? They say it comes with a serial #, and that they buy it from certified wholesalers. Kinda suspicious? Let me know your thoughts!
Stay away from sellers who are selling their bags as "authentic" and way below retail. They are 100% fakes!!! The authentic Balenciaga motorcycle bags are not $300. Be very careful when shopping on ebay.
As a seller on ebay myself, (and I have sold 100% authentic designer bags on ebay before) I always read the seller's feedback comments before purchasing anything on ebay, especially designer handbags that are pricey. Many scams pass thru ebay on a daily basis, so for bags I can still purchase at the dept stores, I'd rather go pay tax and purchase directly from the SA than take my chances with ebay. And I agree, if a designer bag is selling on ebay for way below retail price but says "authentic", then think again!
There are tons (tons!) of fakes on eBay. Do your research and find out what the real bag looks like (down to the last detail, pretty much) so that you can compare it to the ones on eBay. Also, if it's too good to be true, it probably is! There is no way someone would sell a $1200 bag for $300. EBay has some information on helping potential buyers distinguish real from fakes for certain designers. If you visit the Shoes, Purses & Fashion Accessories discussion board, you can find that information.
There are NO steals to be gotten on eBay. Research your seller and ask for recommendations. This Forum seems to be very happy with LESHENT and DUDEILOVEYOU. Something way below retail is HIGHLY suspicious.
I second everything everyone has said. You can buy authentic on eBay, but it is not going to be way below retail, but you find find authentic a little below retail. Like everyone said, read the feedback and the return policy. If they accept PayPal and/or credit card you are more protected.
love ebay, but always live by the motto, if it's too good to be true, then 99.9% of the time, you're getting scammed. $300 for a $1200 bag is ridiculous. If anything, bags like the chloe paddington & Marc Jacobs Stam bag are selling for much more than retail b/c they're sold out worldwide and people are willing to pay a premium to get it. hope this helps. So if you're not sure, go with instinct, b/c in the back of your mind, you're always gonna wonder whether or not your bag is real....
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Megs, I agree with your comment on the big font. For a minute there, I thought I was at my optometrist's office reading off the eye chart. ;)

Anyway, back to subject at hand. No I have never purchased anything from eBay because of these two reasons:
  • I have seen fake designer bags posted as "authentic" and the sellers have received 100% positive feedbacks.
  • I have seen pictures of authentic bags, but fear the seller may do a bait-and-switch scam.
As much as I do not like paying full price for anything, including designer bags, I am willing to pay it for a peace of mind. I do not think it is worth the aggravation to have to call and write Ebay, PayPal, the credit card company and etc. to get the money back from the scam artist. By time you get your money, if ever, the darn bag will probably be out of style. :Push:
I haven't gotten any amazing deals on designer bags at ebay. But there are some people that have a great eye for "authentic" bag deals there. Guess I'm just not one of em'...hehe
ebay has it's purpose and I do both buy and sell on ebay. Handbags for sale all authentic of course and I buy what I'm looking for not necessarily to get a good deal. My husband ruined our bed comforter when he washed it instead of dry cleaning it. It was no longer made. I had the rest of the 10 or so pieces that went along with the comforter so rather than buy all new stuff I turned to ebay and sure enough I was able to find my comforter for a fraction of what I had paid for it, new, and now I'm happy. I also was able to find an Isabella bag that I had to have and it was several seasons old and I found one only slightly used in perfect condition and now I am very happy. I would not have been able to find that bag if I had called every IF retailer in the country. Just be careful with ebay. Read the feedback from people with high feedback numbers, they are usually more savy. and in demand handbags are always going to cost you more than retail, never less.
As an ardent eBayer - I feel like I have to weigh in here.

The previous poster was right, you won't find any steals. But if you are vigilant, you will get some great deals. If you want to protect yourself from being scammed - don't buy a Fendi Spy, or Paddington - the vast majority are fake fake and fake.

If you like a designer that is somewhat off the radar that you can't find a knockoff for on Canal St - check out eBay. You will get the best deals on out of season bags from lesser known designers.

I've been recently discouraged by the fake Botkiers I've seen on eBay. If you want to get an authentic bag, take the time to educate yourself about what the bags looks like - inside and out. Always make sure a listing has plenty of pictures of the interior and small details - if you know your dream bag well enough, you will be able to tell from the pictures if it is the real deal.

And if you're still uneasy - make sure you have Paypal Buyer Protection. If the seller has over 50 Feedback, and better than 98% positive feedback, the listing should state "Free PayPal Buyer Protection" right under the Seller Information. That way if you don't get a real bag, or a bag that is significantly different than described, you will get your money back.
Thanks for the mention of the Paypal Buyer Protection. That's useful. I think it's better to find ways to protect the potential buyer on eBay than to completely dis it.
And remember to never, ever, buy something from a seller who contacts you off ebay. I had a friend who bid and lost on one item (a Coach tote) and was contacted about a similar one and was naive enough to buy it for $60. As soon as she told me what she'd done I told her it was a mistake and, sure enough, the bag she got was as fake as it could get. I'm even surprised she got a bag at all!
eBay is great for getting last season and less popular styles, but you'll never get an "it" bag at a significant discount.