How do you guys do your hair...

  1. I have straight hair past my shoulders, but I don't know how to do anything with it, so I just end up leaving it down, or just a pony tail on hot days...kinda boring...

    I always see the stars have great do they do that? Is it do-able at home? Any great source to learn Hair-do how to?

    Do you take a lot of time and effort on your hair everyday? How do you do your hair?
  2. I feel like I spend a ton of time on my hair everyday...but it always looks basically the same -- plain and straight (as seen in my avatar). But the conditioning, blow-drying, and occassional flat-ironing take forever. Meanwhile, anytime I try to use a curling iron or really change it up, I don't like it as well as plain and straight.

    The only thing I've done occassionally that I like is air-drying with product scrunched in to make waves.

    But I'd love to hear other ideas too. I'm clearly in a rut!
  3. MandM - I love your hair, I spend at least an hour a day to get mine to look like that!!! I have naturally crazy curly hair that I do anything and everything possible to not look like I do!

    And I wonder why my boyfriend thinks I'm high maintenance.... lol!
  4. 98% of the time tied in a knot/clip
    others down and flattened with the flat iron.

  5. Ditto!! I have thick wavy hair almost down to my collar bone (man, I could do BIG hair really well in the 80s, you should see my sorority pix, LOL)...but nowadays it's an hour to dry, product, flat iron. And when it's humid, fuggedaboudit.

    I'm looking for new ideas inspired watching Blow Out last spring :cool:
  6. I have slightly wavy hair and have to spend about 20 mins to blow dry it and make it less frizzy...
    but I got the Ionic Straightening Perm back in February and it's been so easy to take care of. I can actually let my hair airdry and it be totally straight and unfrizzy. Right now, the top started to grow out a bit...but it's too soon to get another perm, so that's why I'm looking for new ideas too! :yes:

    MandM, your hair looks good! But I'm with you, new ideas are good.
  7. I have combination hair. So I switch is up almost every day. Sometimes I do the air dry with mousse for waves. Other days its straight as a board, straight curled under, or straight flipped out. I also pull my hair up in a pony tail and leave my bangs to the side parted down the middle (youthful). Or pulled into a pony tail with the bangs parted to the side (professional). There is always the pulled straight back no bangs with a bun. I used to have long hair but recently clipped off about 6 inches (give or take) so right now it is just past my shoulders.
  8. Oh oh, never thought about Straight flipped out. Do you have to put any product when you blow try to make it stay flipped out?
  9. My boyfriend's dad is a GREAT hairdresser so If I want something nice done with my hair I go round to see him, I alway have my hair cut every 5 weeks - but I never do ANYTHING with my hair... always lose or in a ponytail...
    once in a blue moon i get him to do something nice...
    I really should use him more often.. atleast every weekend if I go out with my friends!! - infact he did my hair a few weeks ago any every one said I looked like Audrey Hepburn...
    so maybe I should ge him to teach me how to do it myself!

    oo and I good hair cut and nice conditioned hair always looks nice!! so as look as you take good care of your hair it ALWAYS looks stylish!
  10. Before I start to blow dry I just put a smidge of mousse in my damp hair. Once I am done drying and using the straightening iron I finish with a light pliable hairspray. I have a nervous habit of running my fingers through my hair and this style still allows me to do so.
  11. my hair is almost always in a low pony or messy bun. when i want to feel dressed up i wear it down and straight. :smile:

    it's actually quite curly, but it looks way shorter that way so i rarely wear it curly anymore...i should have been a teen in the 80s. i could have had the best mall hair EVER. :biggrin:
  12. I have permed wavy hair (it's natural looking and not what you'd expect a perm to look like) with bangs. I just air dry, but in the morning I wet my bangs and style that with a dryer which takes a minute. I usually wear it down. I'll do low pigtails, a half-pulled out pony tail, a low ponytail on the side, or make a messy bun out of a pony tail and use one of those long hair clips stylists use to hold your hair. I can't make a nice sleek chignon or put my hair up with bobby pins to save my life, though.
  13. i have natural ringlets down to about 1/3 of the way down my back, so my hair sort of styles itself. i just put in a little product and let it dry naturally. it's down as much as possible because i think it's one of my best features, but when it's dirty and i don't have time to wash it, i'll put it in a loose ponytail.
  14. my hair is wavy and i like to blow dry it straight but the one thing i cant find it something to keep it non frizzy when i dont blow dry...i have used sooooo much stuff that nothing seems to work...anyone know really a good product to use?
  15. I have long wavy hair. In middle school, I always had a hard time wiht it, and almost always put it up in a ponytail. Then, I found a great stylist....the way he cuts my hair has made it do a 180!!! My hair looks great now if I leave it out to dry with a little bit of herbal essences mousse. My favorite hairstyle of all though, is when I blowdry the ebds my hair so that they are flipped out. I then go over my hair with a flat iron but stop about an inch or two before the ends. This locks in the "flipped out" look sooo well. My stylist suggested it to me, and I have been doing it almost everyday for the past two years. It is time consuming, but my hair stays looking great for three days. Also, to lock in some extra shine, I use Revlon Equave Lissolook Controller Mask.:amuse: