How do you guys do it?

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  1. How do you pay for such a lovely bag if I may ask?

    I love the bag too soo much, but at this time, its sooo expensive for me (still a student, :tdown:)

    Still if I was working, I think I would spend 3/4 of my paycheck on the bag!

    How do you pay for it, do you have good jobs, do you save for the bag?

    Also one other question, Im really in love with the caramel city, but I keep seeing 06 05..what does that mean, while that bag still be available when maybe someday I'll earn some more money, in the future?
  2. charge it. credit, my love. credit
  3. I own my business and I kinda like to put some money into Bbags because I do know that I put investment in my closet and if I get tired of one, I can always sell them on eBay and get another one from new season. It's like some people would like to collect one thing, while I like to collect purses..:shame:
  4. I consider mine a collection now. My hubby spends money on tools and surfing gear and I spend mine on Balenciaga bags. It's not like I have heaps of bags either. I don't see my Bbag collection growing to more than 5 bags. I like to enjoy each and every bag and they make me feel good. I could never leave one in the wardrobe unused. I used to use credit a lot and now I save for each bag. I love tax return time. I choose to pay a little extra tax during the year and I usually get a nice return around this time of year (right when the collection colours are due to be released!) I also sell old items I don't use locally or have garage sales. I don't use eBay.
  5. I know this topic is a sore discussion for many and causes debate...

    but I budget my money and put a small portion of my savings towards a new purse. I've become pretty good at setting a budget and sticking to it (ie. after paying all my monthly bills, I can put say 10% of my remaining money into my "new purse fund").

    Monoi yes these are expensive bags and while it may be hard for you to save up as you are a student it may still be possible to get the Bbag of you dreams. Perhaps a part-time job where you can put some of your paycheck into a savings account and build up your money? Then start looking and perhaps you can find a good deal thru eBay or a authorized online seller (, aloharag) that may offer discounts? :smile:
  6. I don't have a problem buying preloved bags. I have 2 bbags,(had 3 at one time) and both I got used on e-bay. I got my 05 bordeaux first for $650 and my 05 bordeaux box for $450. For some reason I justify spending so much $$$ by telling myself that I didn't pay full price. I know, it's silly, but it makes me feel better.
  7. closing due to numerous threads on this topic - please search the forum :yes:
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