How do you guarantee authenticity on eBay?

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  1. I want to sell a bag on ebay and I understand there will be a lot of people questioning authenticity. For LV, or Chanel etc., there are ways to prove, like date marks, in the bags. But for others like Botkier, how do you prove it's authentic? If you back it up with a money back guarantee, what happen if they receive the bag, exchange it to a fake and ask you for the money back?? It's such a headache just thinking about that. Anyone has a solution?? Thanks!
  2. Find other people who sell this bag; ask them to help with what a good pointer for showing potential buyers that it is real.

    I still get questions like that and I have sold many LV's and even after being a member of the communities that are ANTI-FAKE people still inquire.

    As for the worry regarding buyers switching your real with a fake, you can always buy a tag and put it on the purse stating if removed you will not refund.

    I refuse to take merchandise back period! I tell them that there is no need because my items are without a question authentic. This will weed thru a lot of bad apples.

  3. I think it is hard to judge if the bag is authertic because even the vendor also see the un authentic bag in the banner of anthentic,in this world ,how to judge the reality and virtuality??? no body can answer.if you buy a anthentic ,it happens just by chance.
  4. I think it is hard to judge if the bag is authertic because even the vendor also sell the un authentic bag in the banner of anthenticity,in this world ,how to judge the reality and virtuality??? no body can answer.if you buy an anthentic one,it happens just by chance.
  5. What kind of tag can you buy to put on the purse? Never heard of that before!
  6. Michael,

    MAybe I am not understanding what you are trying to say.

    Nothing is by chance, a seller knows what they are selling.

    Please clarify your post!:amazed:
  7. JAs,

    You can go to Staples or other office places and buy the same kind of tags that you wear if you were in a club. You actually can buy others tags as well. I have seen many sellers do this.
  8. That sounds like a good idea!! I'm going to sign my name on the tag and if it's being removed than it cannot be returned. I'm going use it as a last resort because of course I prefer no return policy. It's a lot of hassle. Thank you so much!
  9. Mic,

    Good luck.

    I know that if a buyer has in mind the idea of scamming the seller with a fake, then this reduces the chance of it happening.

    It protects the seller and you really get a lot less of the undesirables.
  10. The Tag Is A Very Good Idea ~ Thank You
  11. Also, take a lot of photos--it will help the buyer to distinguish your bag from the fakes.
  12. I don't take back bags because they are authentic and I just write the listing as a final sale. Am extremely careful in detailing everything.

    When buying an LV I still don't have enough confidence to buy from anyone but a Poupette reseller. But for other bags, I try to research the seller -- I have had fairly good luck.
  13. There is no way to prevent bait and switch. Even if a seller has all of the right documents and pictures posted, you never "really" know. I have had it happen to me and the seller had a ton of positive feedback. Honest sellers pay the price for the dishonest.