How do you gorgeous goddesses store makeup brushes?

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  1. How do you gals (and guys) store your makeup brushes? I bought a brush roll with about 20 slots and I think its great but sometimes I just get lazy and put some of them in a cup/cylinder (like how you just put pens/pencils in a cup)--is this not a good way to store them? I think I read that brushes shouldn't be stored exposed to air since they'll collect bacteria?

    I just want to make sure I keep my brushes as clean and as new looking as possible so please share your storage tips and do's/don'ts :heart:
  2. I store mine in a brush roll...I know what you mean though. I just try to keep in mind all the money I have spent on each and every one, lol...that helps sometimes. :smile:
  3. I just have mine stashed altogether laying down right near my make up case on a tray. I really need to find something cute to put them in too.
  4. I store mine in a brush roll. I actually like using it. I can find brushes more easily than when I stored them loose in a cosmetic bag.
  5. I just stick them in a cup. Is it really that harmful to expose them to air like that? I wash them fairly often.
  6. I stick them in a brush roll as well. It's a lot easier to find what I'm looking for that way.
  7. i have mine in a brush roll also. but i get lazy and just have em laying around sometimes.. so bad!!
  8. I store them in a large cup like container ( I have no idea what it really is for , it was on clearnece at Target ) Standing up ,I can find my brushed easyily and there is enough room in the container for them not to get crushed or messed up .I have about 35 different brushes most by MAC
  9. Brush roll but sometimes in my stila tin which unfortunately the cats always knock over so most of my brushes are now fallen down the back of the chest of drawers. *sigh*
  10. a couple are in a makeup bag and a few are in the little tray I have my makeup in kind of laying in there. I've never worried about how they are stored.
  11. Mine are in the make up bag as well, but I clean the brushes with antibacterial soap frequently. I'd like to get a brush roll but haven't gotten around to it yet.
  12. Mine are in a cube like thing that some Q-tips came in one time lol. They are just standing there like pencils, ready for use at any time:cool:.

    ichelle: I am so trying that! Ill post pix when I get it done :wlae:
  13. I store mine in a makeup bag, but I should try one of those brush rolls, never heard of them!