How do you go about choosing your b-bag?

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  1. Okay so you decide you want a new b-bag :love: Do you guys know EXACTLY what you want before you go to the store? And do they always have them all in stock, if they are on display? Whenever I see them they are always locked up and alarmed (lmao) and the SAs look like they want to pounce on you :crybaby: So what do you do??
  2. I knew exactly what I wanted my first time but they didn't have it. So I wound up getting something I hadn't planned on getting but now I am glad I did.

    I go every week to see what's new and if something catches my eye I try it on. I have been eyeing a truffe twiggy for over a week and I know I'll be sad when someone buys her. I just can't justify having a camel and a truffe bag. seems too close.....

    sorry, off topic
  3. I don't even bother buying them from the store here since they are so overpriced in Canada:mad:
    I usually go to Holt's to try different colours and then order them from Aloha Rag...and looking through the Balenciaga colours/wearing your b-bags threads here really helps too!
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