How do you girls wear your charms

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  1. Short thread.

    Does this look dumb? :confused1:

    Can you girls post different ways to wear your charms/locks/cadenas.

  2. Helloooooooooooo helloooooooooooo anybody out there?
  3. I got this new crazy idea to track down old ribbons and use them with the Cadenas of that date.

    Am I completely over the edge or just plain nuts?
  4. Hmm, I think you have time on your hands LOL!

    I have taken a Palladium charm and hung it on a silver link bracelet. Have also tied it on a twilly same way you did with the ribbon.
  5. I think that is a novel idea, I like it.
  6. That's cute Baggs.
  7. yeah I really do like that alot.
  8. I love it. You're a hottie, Baggs.
  9. that would be great on a leather cord too!
  10. As a variation, you could try hanging it from the strap of your top.
  11. Really cute Baggs. I like the way you "tied" it on.
  12. Baggs, your snail looks adorable like that! I frequently wear my cadenas around my neck on a black silk cord. Same principle!
  13. I gave a friend the elephant and she used a leather cord, too, a necklace.

    I think it's a novel idea to use the annual ribbon to match the charm. Took a lot of creativity to come up with that, Baggs!
  14. Very cute Baggs,so far I only wear my charms on my Kellys and Birkins.
  15. Why didn't I ever think of using a cord? :confused1: :upsidedown:

    Could also look cute on a cord waist belt like Hermes makes.