how do you girls take cares of your spies

  1. the leather and so..
  2. I don't!:nuts::shame: I think certain bags look better worn and SPY is one of those bags!:graucho:
  3. I just talked to the SA at NYC Fendi about that yesterday, she agrees with LV_addict, they are supposed to wear naturally.
  4. I have a dark brown (chocolate) Spy. I sprayed it with AG when I first got it, and I haven't had any problems with it.
  5. I don't use anything on my spy bags either and they're holding up pretty well.
  6. ok ladies, It's because I'm a bit paranoïd with my bags, and the spy is such a beautifull one.
    So I asked. I know That I don't like To take it when it's raining :smile:
  7. Someone here had a great idea--keep a plastic bag in the bottom of your purse in case you ever get caught out in the rain. Then, just open it up & place your purse inside the plastic bag when running to your car, etc.
  8. I have a white and a taupe spy bag.. i use AG on both.. I carry my dustbag around with all my designer bags.. (fold up the dustbag and place it inside)...

    bags are ALWAYS on my lap OR on the dustbag and also.... i try not to let anyone hug them unless theyhave clean hands... =P
  9. yeap! good Idea, don't touch my bag with your dirty hands!
    Mine is on my desk at the office when I'm working.
  10. I do this also - plastic bag inside just in case I get caught in a downpour. I haven't treated my spy w/anything and won't as I don't want to blemish the leather at all. It is truly my favorite bag :P

  11. What color spy holds up the best or is the most resistant to stains?
  12. My guess would be black!;)
  13. Would cognac and chocolate be a close second?
  14. I think so. I would go with cognac because it looks more distressed.
  15. ^^ I agree! The dark brown is a close second