How do you gift wrap a holdall?

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  1. Hi folks, for my Dads 60th I've got him a keepall Bandouliere 45 Damier Infini in Meteor. It's gorgeous but as it's a large structured piece it has been 'gift wrapped' in the store but due to the size they can't put it in a box and instead I have it in a large LV paper bag with another one over the top of it. Not bad but not great either so does anyone have any ideas for gift wrapping?

    Should I just wrap it in some nice paper and put it back into the bag or just seal the one bag or leave as is? I just don't know. Advice would be much appreciated.

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  2. Go back and ask for a box, they have boxes for it. They were just being lazy.
  3. Not for structured bags this size. The biggest box fits a speedy 40. The boxes people get usually involve the keepall being folded which they can't do for this one and after paying what I have it's not being folded
  4. You're right, I didnt realize this wasn't canvas.
  5. They have a box for it! I have a Keepall 55' and they gave me a box!!
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    They showed me the biggest boxes they have which it doesn't fit. I also have the two biggest gift box sizes they do, again it doesn't fit these. I assume your keepall is a leather one too? But according to your posts you also have a Canvas Monogram keepall. I have purchased a leather structured keepall which they can't fold hence why no box.

    So if there is anyone our there that has any ideas how to gift wrap a LEATHER STRUCTURED keepall advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. It doesn't sound like it can be done. How about getting some white tissue paper and
    putting that in the large LV shopping bag on top of the keepall and handing it to him like that? Even if you could get a non-LV box, it would be HUGE.
  8. Thanks, I hadn't even given tissue paper a thought. I did think I could find a box but as you say it would have to be huge and the bag it's in is big enough already.
  9. There must be a LV box out there somewhere that fits! I wonder what they mail these in when ordered online/via 866...
  10. I believe just the brown cardboard box and no dark brown LV box. Just comes wrapped in the dust bag and that's it. The same way they get it into store.
  11. I don't have any suggestions for wrapping, but wanted to say it's really a wonderful keepall and I'm sure your dad will love it -- it's gorgeous!
  12. In that case, I think tissue paper in the bag is probably the best. Maybe orange to match the LV holiday bows, or dark brown, to match the print on the paper bag for a more subtle look :smile:
  13. Can't you just put wrapping paper around the two LV shopping bags? If its already inside one bag and then that is inside another bag over the top, thus making a makeshift box… then I would get a roll of wrapping paper and some nice ribbon and just wrap it up.
  14. I would put tissue paper in the LV bag place the keepall inside, more tissue paper on top, tie the handles of paper bag with a gorgeous ribbon then place the other paper bag over it so it forms a type of 'box' and then wrap the whole thing finishing with a lovely bow.

    It'll be an unwrapping in stages! Great gift :smile:
  15. get the box, it's worth it !